This in NO WAY exonerates him…

.. nor does it indicate that I am OK with his behavior, or feel that women were lying or making too big a deal of things, but for chrissakes, can we find something else to lose our minds over? Regarding Weinstein– I promise to never shut up if he ever attempts to run for elected office after the behavior that has come out. ( how many people couldn’t have pointed Weinstein out in a line up back on Monday night?)

It is morally reprehensible and unethical if not illegal.  His political persuasion has not a whit to do with anything.

WHERE is the outrage for the way Donald behaved? Why suddenly is there to be a moral equivalence between the Accidental Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenues’ past behaviors (for which he had doubled down, as is his wont, that it wasn’t so bad, that other people have done worse) and what at this moment is a personnel issue at a private company? (and Weinstein’s “apology” has the stink of I got caught but is slightly more graceful than Donald could ever hope to be)

Why are the president’s surrogates all out there talking about how terrible Weinstein is, when their boss is equally as bad? What high horse do they get to ride in on, to intimate that all Democrats are complicit for having accepted monetary donations from a man who is just now publicly accused of sexual harassment? As if A has anything to do with B. As if the majority of the GOP electorate and elected officials alike haven’t just shrugged and looked the other way, hoping to be able to get their piece of the pie before Donald is carted away (via the 25th, impeachment, or my personal favorite option, Mueller.)

Instead, couldn’t we save all of our outrage for the NRA, which continues to try to buy our government, lock, stock and barrel? (bad pun, I couldn’t resist)

Or, what about we take some of that bloviating frustration out on those in the GOP responsible for not refunding CHIP? Or for those in government who have decided that not only should your employer get to decide if you can have birth control, but also that the resulting pregnancy caused by lack of BC is a preexisting condition and therefore not covered, and also that there is no right to maternity leave, nor is it illegal to discriminate against you when the OBGYN tells you not to lift anything heavy while pregnant and so you lose your job (and there goes your health insurance)

Still have room to fit Weinstein into your irritation bubble? Well, there is the matter that 3.5 million American citizens are suffering from Maria down in Puerto Rico, and that their president is more interested in pointing out that their hurricane may cause us to mess up the budget (read: negatively impact the huge tax breaks he is planning for his cronies and himself, while trying to con you into thinking he will throw you more than a bone)

How about the fact that Donald ran on “her emails” and yet,  his kids are doing THE EXACT SAME THING?

Or, plain old health care, or clean water for Detroit, or Mother Russia… or… I could find you things to worry about and grouse about and lose your mind over all day long.

Weinstein doesn’t even hit the Top Ten.


Now We Are SIX.


Laylabug and Granpa, on her SIXTH birthday

(Yes, it’s been some time since I have blogged. I guess I haven’t had anything nice to say, and that’s how I was raised 😉  )

TEN YEARS ON…. (The following is LONG. It is emotional and it is depressing. Since I started blogging, I have written something about the events of 9-11, and I have linked to a website where a very small part of the following is posted. This year, I have simply consolidated the entire scrapbook and writings that are in it, and created a new gallery on my photo website so all is viewable and archived.)

It turns out I can’t ReBlog something more than once. So, HERE is my September 11, 2011 blog post…  written SIX years and two days ago, on the eve of Laylabug’s birth… six years of absolute joy and wonder, while right outside that little bubble of love, life goes on in all it’s “LIFE-GOES-ON-NESS” …. good and bad, happy and sad things…16 years since America changed.

Week 12, photo a day 2017

Still battling the after-effects of the flu, but… here is what I have… I really think something may be missing; thought I had one each day…oh, well…Some off some on prompt 😉

Responsible…. off prompt Tula Tuesday block… off prompt cats… on the street where I Iive…Random… off prompt

Week 11, Photo of the day 2017

(three quarters of) a dozen projects…Three of the same, but different…Low angle shot…bonus cat photos…off prompt again (sick day with cats)…Three of the same but different-take two…Off prompt getting my Irish on…off prompt the couple who goes to patient first together stays together…

Week 9 (and 10!) of Photo a day, 2017

No one told me I missed last week! So, here are all 14 days, (plus bonuses)… but no prompt lists. ENJOY!


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Week 8, Photo of the day, 2017


Drip….Off prompt again (new recipe)…

Off prompt again (HAIL STORM!)…Commemorate…

off prompt again TONGUE!)…Lines (drawn)/Full (of himself)

Guest Photog (Laylabug and Gigi)…Best invention EVER (so close, and yet, so far from the machine 😉 )


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Week 7, Photos of the day, 2017

OFF-PROMPT (daffodilly~ The earliest I think I have seen-2/12!!)… TINY–they left ONE piece of food in bowl and then escorted me to the kitchen when I woke…

Valentines–my hunny bought me kissy socks…IN MY FRIDGE (well, RECENTLY 😉 )…

BONUS! Portrait of a cat…OFF-PROMPT again—I have questions–Dryer follies.

Where I stand (sit)–Look, 6 PM and still light!… Habit–NAPPING! (yes, Roxy and Neko end up in a disproportionate number of images. LOOK at them, though!!)

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