I Deleted your Message…

Sorry. Had to do it. I am a member of (imagine an obscene amount, then subtract 10) groups; The topics range from Quilting, to Writing, to Altered Art and Politics. I admit I have the problem. I even JOINED more this past beginning of summer. But I can say I finally did cut the cord on over a half-dozen.

Somewhere in the past few weeks, along with the general ‘vacation-being-over blahs,’ I have found myself neglecting almost ALL of my groups. Even the ones I TRULY enjoy and get so much out of!

So, the mass email delete has begun. I can’t simply ELIMINATE you… I LOVE you! I WANT to be your friend, I WANT to get to know you!

I receive most of my groups via individual mail, as it gives me the best opportunity to actually participate in discussions …(Especially since most of my groups are YAHOO and they are sorted only via order received!!!)

I sorted my messages last night. I have my email program already set to sort by Group into folders, so I went another step and sorted by Subject. delete

ANY message with the subject line of:

  • Re:Digest number XXX?? GONE!
  • As is anything about SWAPS (if you are a quilting group) since I don’t participate.
  • Any message with NO subject? Outta here!
  • Messages requesting prayers?  Sending good thoughts to all…for every situation you are experiencing… (and I mean it; not being snarky here at all)
  • Oh, the ‘Where is everyone, this site is QUIET? ‘Deleted them too. ‘Cuz after all, I am part of the problem!
  • If it is in regards to something NEW being posted in the Files, I had to trash it…
  • Also deleted—any references to Wal-Mart, or What Are You Doing, or recipes (I will probably regret this last decision). Thanks, Congratulatory posts, and Where I am traveling *(if the post subject OFFERS where you are headed, AND I am interested, I MAY have saved it!!) are history, too.

I am somewhat embarrassed by the number I have deleted –(it’s in the HUNDREDS, people!!!) Somewhat more chagrined by the fact that there seem to be an equal number that, at least based on SUBJECT line, I still WANT to read left in my folders!!

So, what HAVE I been doing? Other than deleting emails and ignoring people??

  • I got my Hoffman Challenge quilt in the mail. Waiting to find out if I can post images.
  • I’ve been trying the organization thing again. Eventually, it HAS to take, right?
  • Working on some edits and such of photos, so I can put up some fresh, new work on ETSY.
  • I also got my husband to finally start a blog. He is quite the writer; if you like, for example–movies, cats, cars, and hate lawn work, you might find his blog entertaining!

Ok, off to do some reading!!