Photos of the Week, CY365 Week ending 9/13/14

Well, this week was mostly a fly by the seat of my pants group of photos….But a few actually ended up working for prompts (if you twist them around enough, you can make almost anything fit!)

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7. Atmosphere
8. Single
9. Reading

10. Discarded
11. Contemplate
12. From My Garden
13. Grip

10685098_10205267074140348_2058545576_n7. Atmosphere

10695017_10205314583288047_972584701_n8. Single — Single-mindedness in her desire for a ‘butter sammich’ for lunch. Negotiations were tense!

10705193_10205314618368924_924442207_n9. Reading—One of my favorite activities!

untitled-1 10— The Birthday Girl! Happy Birthday to my Laylabug!

10677236_10205284979787978_1818139871_o11. Contemplate— the Eastern Division Championships; a sure sign that summer is coming to a close. (What, you thought I was contemplating the fine view?? LOL)

10151307_10205310661229998_2303335645780442757_n 13. Grip—Hold on tight, this swing is going places!!!

10705327_10205314571607755_946294578_n  The LAST step to finish this quilt!




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Photos of the Week—CY365 Week ending 6/21/14

This is CY365!   My photography website.    Follow me on Facebook.    On Twitter, I am@rteest42

Prompts this week were tough!! (That means you get more CAT photos!!!)  Crossed out prompts are those I feel I captured…. I LOVE COMMENTS! Nope, not a subtle hint at all Winking smile

15. Dear Old Dad
16. Motorhome
17. In A Different Light
18. Photo Field Trip
19. Historical
20. Where I Stand
21. Solstice

1743357_10204562132757254_421817855_n (1)15. Dear Old (grand) Dad—Granpa and Laylabug on Father’s Day

10361113_10204603935762303_1224312150_n17. In A Different Light  Timmy loves me… He brought me this awesome old bottle the other day!

10490212_10204603898001359_298527636_n19. Historical–  Written In My Own Hearts Blood –Historical Fiction, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Debuting as NY Times Number 1 book this week…. author Diana Gabaldon, on Wednesday June 8, 2014, National Press Club, Washington DC
20140616-IMG_038620. Where I Stand, looking up on a VERY hot day, what do I see but the bats trying to find a cooler spot!

 THREE!!! days of cat photos!—when all else fails, these clowns come through!

10477320_10204603492191214_1832158174_nNoNo Neko really does know that Tati is the alpha cat. He just lays down and waits till she finishes eating. BTW, this is Tati’s new home. My dining room table. There is apparently no way off…

10475599_10204563077980884_1813871940_nTati on the dining room table, wistfully staring at the outside, where she can’t get….

neko tati NoNo Neko is tracking a bug! He won’t let it get away! (look under the 5) See that photo in the corner? My favorite photo of Arlie and Myfynwy…

Photos of the Week, CY365 Week ending 6/14/14

This is CY365!   My photography website.    Follow me on Facebook.    On Twitter, I am@rteest42

A little wiggling to make photos fit the prompts this week.  Crossed out prompts are those I feel I captured…. I LOVE COMMENTS!

8. Get away
9. A Favorite Place
10. Staycation
11. By the Water
12. In the Grass
13. Dangerous
14. Pick It Up

10455511_10204559676535850_576950381_n9. A Favorite Place (inside a child’s imagination.) Laylabug drew this image, and I asked her what it was.  She said, “This is a door. A big door with an knock knocker on it. That’s Auntie Arlie on the bed with a pillow and a blanket.”
10439610_10204526114016808_1302842827_n10. Staycation—AKA, MOBY release day! A new book by a favorite author, (Diana Gabaldon) a comfy chair, some milk and cookies…. Not QUITE “who needs a beach” but….

10447201_10204512464395576_677531282_n (1)12. In the Grass
10443908_10204547481430980_724024533_n13. Dangerous
10472205_10204547481230975_880256143_n14. Pick It Up…Tatiana has taken to sleeping on the top shelf of the computer closet..but she apparently decided it was too crowded up there and so…photo tati



Photos This Week Capture Your 365 Week Ending 5-31-14

This is CY365!   My photography website.    Follow me on Facebook.    On Twitter, I am@rteest42

I love comments! I am stretching here with a few to make them fit my prompts…

25. Twilight
26. Freedom
27. Monochromatic
28. Soul
29. Safety
30. The Present
31. Quiet

hotdog25. Twilight—or at least dinnertime!!
10419872_10204437166913186_1269547447_n26. Freedom— The replica of the Vietnam Memorial came to our city this week…
974664_10204451177263436_1750758651_n27. Monochromatic—almost so…but definitely all peaceful and soft!
10416779_10204405650445294_1823147592_n28. Soul—The eyes are the window to the soul….
10371539_10204429469240749_981413391931773846_n29. Safety net. 
10437261_10204444977388443_1483121660_n30. The Present—TGIF!
10390938_10204430109376752_6556822633504190140_n31. Quiet—not really! Giggle monster most of the time…

This week in PHOTOS, CY365 WE 5-24-14

This weeks prompts

18. Hope
19. Where I Stand
20. Devotion
21. 20
22. Beauty
23. Make Believe
24. Finished

This is CY365!   My photography website.    Follow me on Facebook.    On Twitter, I am@rteest42

I love comments!

10357984_10204354351282847_1491127532_n18. Hope —that I can get to the tuna! Tuna Macaroni salad for dinner. It’s killing him… #Neko#badkitty

10339719_10204384247990246_5152872294502304076_n19. Where I Stand —Virginia Beach!

10394583_10204374469985802_7542498560553222861_n21. 20 (20/20, eyeglasses)—I haven’t been using the prompts every day, because if something strikes my fancy, I shoot that. Today I actually looked at the email with the prompt (eyeglasses) and I thought of this. The New Testament belonged to my husbands dad, and the eyeglasses to his great grandmother, if I recall correctly. My mother-in-law gave these to me a few years ago.
10362713_10204367391968856_1319239790_n22. Beauty  This little petunia is a flower of opportunity. NoNoNeko destroyed the plant living here and so I sat the planter outside and promptly forgot it. From somewhere landed a petunia seed….
10374381_10204379779558538_169420182_n23. Make Believe  —The Rubber Duck Project comes to Norfolk!

These last two photos don’t fit any new prompts, but could be doubles for Make Believe and Beauty–

10388413_10204391217564481_904664300_n Waldo was a little upset that he didn’t get to go see Rubber Duck at the museum yesterday, so I let him take a ride on the much smaller replica we bought as a souvenir.

1469970_10204398065815683_2300716121727731158_n The scent of magnolia is one of the most beautiful parts of late spring…

Photos of the week, Week Ending 5-10-14

This is CY365!   My photography website.    Follow me on Facebook.    On Twitter, I am@rteest42


Daily Prompts.  (Crossed out if I was able to use the prompt that day!)

4. What I’m Reading
5. Small Details
6. Innocence
7. Poise

8. Trust
9. Resourcefulness
10. Play

10318604_10204268008004319_1360007391_n (1)5. Small Details–This corner of my dresser should be known as St. Argyle’s Home for Missing Socks.
10318825_10204253957533066_1316659426_n6. Innocence –Nuff said?
10318701_10204271038880089_1041860848_n (1)7. Poise—What flower shows more than a Bearded Iris? (This was taken with my IPhone using the instafisheye app….)
10331590_10204288154307964_867155588_n8. Trust— My daughter is a very intelligent, resourceful and capable woman.Trust her to operate a can opener?
10358104_10204294220379612_178875535_n9. Resourcefulness–And it started raining in the bottom of the sixth, the game was called.—Ok, not a ball game…. but the same results. Thank goodness for inexpensive clear painters tarps!  —I have moved the top ten selling and talked about photos at this weekends festival to the front of this gallery called Winners! For the second year running, the number one draw at the table was “The Boat Graveyard.” It is like a man magnet. They walk by and CAN’T resist looking! The show may be over, but all of these images (and more) are available in any size!
10296666_10204260045165253_8950472274709569495_n10. Play–Layla is just a bit too young to get the big tunnel figured out, but her new little friend kept trying and encouraging her…

10356508_10204288200709124_2133519859_n Red clover, red clover, have Timmy pull over!  A true View from the Passenger Window shot. #drivebyshooting

Photos of the week…. CY365 Week ending 4/19/14

13. Comical
14. Chicken or the egg?
15. Siesta
16. Where I Stand
17. B is for _________
18. Optimistic

19. Come In



dino13. Comical
10268265_10204094237100155_1449939102_n14. Chicken or the egg? The bunny, of course!  Flossie turns 30.
nekoagain15. Siesta
10178296_10204099870200979_875958662_n16. Where I Stand (or sit) Laylabug at the Flying Squirrels –our first game of the season.
10270134_10204113344617831_1598325313_n17. B is for _________ Beautiful! MeMe after going to the salon.
10250952_10204127296166611_1450089746_n18. Optimistic.  One of the literary greats died this week. 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of my favorite books.
bw Just playing with some tones… a little abstract.

This is CY365!   My photography website.    Follow me on Facebook.    On Twitter, I am@rteest42