CY365 Week ending 8/31 Photo a day…

Yup, heavy on the babies and kittens routine again. (work with what we have, no?)

25. Extraordinary In The Ordinary
26. Go Green
27. With Seeds

28. Rust
29. Fashion Statement
30. Bump
31. Bright Background

IMG_468025. Extraordinary In The Ordinary—  The everyday burger, dressed up. (could also work with 26)
20130826-20130826-IMG_533126. Go Green —Chesterfield County Fair (also could be 27)
20130826-20130826-IMG_530127. With Seeds —Tasty, juicy strawberry!
IMG_478129. Fashion Statement– Rather Pisces and water like colors this week. (Could also work with 26)
IMG_472531. Bright Background —Yeah, pushing it as to theme. But Neko is pushing Tatiana’s buttons by finally figuring out how to get onto HER SPOT. (Aka, the ironing board)

Bonus Video footage of the encounter!

IMG_4739Neko is learning how to operate a sewing machine.

20130826-20130826-IMG_5332Someone asked HOW can she look so innocent AND so guilty all at once??

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CY 365 Week ending June 8, 2013

Some weeks, the prompts just don’t work. Some weeks, they do.  This week was a mixed bag.

IMG_3997-001June 2. Converted Editing was so totally needed on this shot from my iPhone. It was taken with what little light came from the bathroom door, after I found Laylabug in our bed last night, and SOOTC it was almost completely black. I had put her to bed in her Pak-n-Play, and when I came to bed myself, she had climbed out, onto the bed, and settled herself into a nice comfy sleep.  Without editing, it is barely visible.  I used Picasa and the Orton effect to take away a lot of the very grainy look.  I am posting the non-processed photo right after thisuntitled-24. Negative Space  Negative space? Well, ok, not really. But negative editing!  I got a kick out of the Genuine, Natural, Pure….untitled-45. Documented–The BEFORE shot.
DSCN04427. Three of a KindDSCN04443. A Pop of Red. Not sure whether Nutzy is telling us that girls can be superhero’s too, or…..
untitled-3Dandelions –Laylabug declares our dandelion garden, “PRETTY”…

IMG_4080A surprisingly successful framing combo….I was unsure, but the customer was headed down a road that was SO pink and SO bright…

That’s 7!

December 31, 2011. It’s a wrap.

One year ago tomorrow, I made the decision to record a year in photos. One photo, taken each day, and hopefully uploaded to this page in a timely manner.

I kept my end of the bargain, in that I took a photo each day. Some are most definitely NOT works of art. Some have not managed to make it onto the proper website in a timely manner.

And one? It was erased when I gave my old phone to my husband and forgot to upload it before he wiped it and turned it into his phone. (Don’t worry, that one was most certainly not a work of art!)


Thanks though, for following me throughout the year, via my facebook page or my photo website

2012 will not have a photo a day, but I am thinking of looking at some of the monthly challenges/31 day challenges…

I hope the new year is fabulous for you!

Happy New Year!


I forgot to post yesterday. Already, I’ve fallen behind!

1.2.11 Raindrops are falling on my head.


©Trish Casey Green 2011