There is probably enough for a blog post by now…

(Useless– but profound— random thoughts…)

It seems that my blog post count is tied closely to the act of de-cluttering….last year, I was deeply into that task, and felt the need to be held accountable in some fashion, so posting to my blog worked.

This year, the de-cluttering, while not finished, seems to have taken a back seat to –well, just about anything else.  It seems like there is something to this other than pure laziness; there is an acceptance that I WANT my things, an understanding that they have a certain level importance attached to them that possibly isn’t smart (although not unusual, or hoarder-ish, I am apparently just not evolved enough to let it all go.)

I am happy to say that there has been no event or catastrophe here at the Greenhouse to cause my posting to slack off. A picture is worth a thousand words, however, and by that accounting, I have been very much on target, having posted a photo each day since the beginning of the year on my companion blog.

I have made small inroads into those areas of clutter that seem to refuse assistance—staying out of Goodwill is a huge help to the book pile and the clothing pile, not to mention the cash pile.  (My nook is an even better help to the book pile). I have downsized all my work clothing to one drawer. It’s not like the washing machine is in an inaccessible location! (It’s in the bathroom which is attached to our bedroom.)

We have just returned from another quick trip up north; this time our annual Easter Eggstravaganza at cousin Susan’s, topped off by the annual trek into Manhattan to the Car Show. (Note: It isn’t annual for ME. But when my daughter wants to attend and my mother-in-law wants to attend, I end up attending. Personally, I would rather wander the streets of Manhattan than look at cars, but am apparently very out of step with the majority here.) As I had a pretty rotten cold and sore throat (courtesy of the very generous and giving man I married) it was probably for the best; the weather outside could have been best described as a rich, moist pea soup.

A good time was had by all, and those who were missing were missed (that’s you and you!) Saturday seemed a bit tame, if wet, so we invited the local fire department over for a tour of Susan’s home—sharp wits at work, they declared the cause of the  CO2 alarm going off was the meatballs, and they would have to confiscate them. (They settled happily for a “Thank You” handshake and smile from one very brave Miss Vanessa, and we got to enjoy the meatballs while Rich went and bought a new CO2 alarm.) PSA—CO2 detectors are apparently reliable for 5 years.

We spent the weekend at cousin Ken’s home, and *GASP* he doesn’t have wireless internet, so the laptop took a break, and the uploading of my photo a day took a break as well. (It’s probably not too much to say that my creative juices as far as subject matter may have also been on hiatus).

After the car show, my mother in law wanted to see Times Square. So Timmy pushed her there from the Javits Center and back.  We stopped for dinner at the Shake Shack on Eighth Avenue in the Theater District. Great food, (burgers, milk shakes, etc) incredible prices for Manhattan and wildly friendly staff…and did I mention nice? There was a line outside going to the corner. Their computer crashed and they comped the meals of a half dozen people who had placed orders before they realized it and got a handle on it… (we were one of those lucky ones—had we cash, I would have gladly paid….)

I am now in the home stretch of preparation for the Fort Clifton Festival, to be held on Mother’s Day Weekend. I am busily matting my photographs and framing some as well. I hope it will be a wonderful weekend, with great weather and the chance to showcase and sell some of my art.

Life goes on, ob-la-di, ob-la da….

(AND, a VERY happy anniversary to my husband. Nine years ago tomorrow, he made me the happiest woman on the planet! And he continues to do so, day after day. LOVE YOU!!!!)

My quick trip into town the other day..

(Town…can you tell I’ve been in Virginia too long??!! LOL) I took the 6:00 AM Amtrak into THE CITY (is that better??) on Thursday to go see RENT again before it closes for good after an astonishing twelve year run!


….yeah, it was a fast trip—now you see me, now you don’t—and those friends that I called to try and connect with were unavailable—C’est la vie…


I traveled sans camera. It was a near thing; but when I opened up the computer to check the weather forecast and they promised 100% chance of precipitation. it seemed a lost cause to carry around a digi SLR and zoom lens through Manhattan, and not be able to shoot anything. There isn’t much that’s less exciting than parading around the streets of the city dodging umbrellas, and trying to keep a camera dry. Instead I carried a raincoat and tossed an umbrella into my backpack.


So, of course, it didn’t rain. I need to go back again! Roaming through Chinatown for the afternoon with Arlie, my eyes were frantic with looking, my fingers twitchy with nothing to shoot.


Dinner was of course, New York style pizza. And then we headed for the show. The idea was, TICKETS to RENT one more time, for Arlie’s college graduation gift. (There’s a post back in April about the idea.) The show was awesome. Fabulous. Go see it if you have a chance in the next 6-odd weeks, before it’s over. Sadness, really. Because all the biggies are gone, excepting Phantom. I shouldn’t say that–after all, I am not in NY any longer; don’t really know what’s around. But it seems an end of an era is approaching…..


It was interesting watching it, because as I did, it occurred to me, that RENT has become something of a period piece. Frozen in time. Dated, almost, but not in a bad way. But so perfectly identifiable with a moment past.


I said this to my cousin, who was awesome and took us on a backstage tour after the show…. Apparently I am not the only one with that view; she said there was an article in the NY Times recently about it…. Pity I don’t get the Times!


So Arlie and I got to stand on stage, looking out onto the empty seats, shocked at how small the Nederlander really is, and poke about and look around, and meet some of the actors, and sign the wall out back! Crystal gave Arlie a signed poster and some other goodies from the show as well…


….and our trip into the city was complete, because as is tradition, we had to haul freight at the end of the night to catch the midnight ferry…not so used anymore to chasing ferryboats, we both refused to run up the many stairs to watch the gates close in our faces, but as soon as we saw they were open, we dug into it with gusto and the great memories of so many nights ending with a sprint, determined to not linger in the ferry terminal in the middle of the night waiting an hour for a boat… it all felt ‘right’…


Catherine and her family graciously allowed us to crash at 1AM–didn’t get to do so much as wave at anyone other except Grandma Johnson and Maggie May…then home again, home again, jiggity-jig, I stopped and grabbed a dozen bagels and was summarily tortured by the smell for the 6 hour train ride back to Richmond!! BUT. Now I have bagels for breakfast!