Photos of the Week ending 7/5/14 #CY365

This week, I did so poorly with the prompts that I am not even bothering to list them!!

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10510135_10204698933897197_1113921414_n This takes a minute.

10505981_10204673941952414_1251323310_oLewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

tomato The fifth of July


10520491_10204672678680833_1902358630_n (1) Blue tailed Skink on our deck

10524814_10204681214174215_951041755_n Future Tomato.

10529690_10204699809079076_1322848043_n Hand applique
10483136_10204687209124085_741651893_n  The Essentials…. (this actually WAS a prompt.)

CY365 Week of Aug 17 Photo A Day

IMG_449611. Sunflower (Sunday+flower)
20130814-20130814-IMG_473412. Play (well, many hours of play ahead—Introducing our new little BOY! –Neko)
IMG_450113. Remember being a part of the clean plate club?
20130815-20130815-IMG_489014. Bonus (butterfly. I ‘cheated’ and have a number of images from one days visit to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, which I knew would satisfy themes) And as a REAL bonus, here is a link to the entire visit!
20130815-20130815-IMG_486215. Floating –resting gently…
20130815-20130815-IMG_491216. Eye Catching
20130815-20130815-IMG_478417. Pink

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