Christmas Photo a Day, December 7, 2019

Since CPAD started a day after this year’s Small Business Saturday, we will make it TODAY! SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY means BUY LOCAL. Shop Mom and Pop. Buy ART! Support artists! You certainly still have enough time to buy something unique for everyone on your list.

You can go to YOUR local artists neighborhood (GOOGLE where artists have open studios in your area, or you can browse many artists (like me) online and avoid crowds.

Christmas Photo a Day, December 6, 2019

Galway Santa
Santa in Window.

I didn’t really find a lot of images for CPAD while on vacation in Ireland, Scotland and Wales this year! (I was kind of surprised, too) I suppose had I really been looking for them, I would have seen more, but I was so caught up in everything else to see, and so I missed them. But this Santa in a window in Galway in May… he caught my eye! I am afraid he may have been being held hostage! lol

Here are my 100 favorite images from that trip. Remember, you can own any of them (or any other image on my site) in time for gift giving!


Christmas Photo a Day, December 2, 2019

Back from the beginning… The FIRST year of Christmas Photo a Day, and our dear sweet and skittish boy Hamish.

Happy birthday, hunny!! We are doing Throwback Thursday a little early 🙂

Have you seen Ford Vs Ferrari yet? (No? Why NOT? The theater was packed last TUESDAY night! Did you know that my husband wrote a novel? You do now!!! It’s GOOD! (and I am NOT a race car type person… I mean, I have fond childhood memories of my dad taking us to the stock car races at Weissglass Stadium, but…)

It’s futuristic, and funny and poignant, and not so car-guy racing dense that you need to KNOW about cars (because his, for the moment, are make-believe)…. and there’s tragedy and some romance, too. LUNA LE MANS-THE LONG SHADOW  Currently a free download at Smashwords. Treat yourself.

There are three stages of man: he believes in Santa Claus; he does not believe in Santa Claus; he is Santa Claus” — Bob Phillips