December 15

2010 August SClaus IN-15

Have you mailed your holiday packages yet???

I hate to even mention it…


….but Christmas is less than 100 days away…. (99 to be exact, and I know this because I have a  countdown thing-y on my homepage…)

What that means, folks, is that THIS YEAR, we’ll be having Christmas on December 25th. I know, I know, you are saying, “This chick has a screw loose, it’s ALWAYS on the 25th!” 

But I have spent the last 19 Christmas seasons in a variety of retail endeavors, and it seems that way too many of you out there don’t seem to BELIEVE that Christmas was on the 25th last year, too.

The number of shoppers who truly and honestly stare at you dumb-founded when you tell them it’s IMPOSSIBLE to accommodate their demands at the last minute is astonishing. The number who say to you, “But I need xxxxx for a Christmas present!” Like it was a private holiday for THEM.

As if all of the other gazillion souls you had to play bumper cars with in the parking lot were all out for a Sunday drive.

Yuh huh. Bring it on!

That also means there are only 75 days till I start my second annual Christmas “Photo of the Day.”  You want in on the excitement this year??

Subscribe to my blog and you won’t miss a thing, because this year, I am going to post a photo on my blog every day from December 1st through Christmas Eve. I’m even thinking of having a give-away, if I can work out all the details.

If you were on the list last year, don’t worry, you are good to go… I will send out an email to kick things off on December 1st. (Click on this to see last years images.)

Hmmm, now to get cracking on some photos…

PS… if you like the wreath above, get thee to your local Michaels Crafts store before Halloween. It’s a BLACK PVC wreath that I added bright glass Christmas ornaments to so I could hang it in my kitchen, with all my black appliances, and teal walls!