Christmas Photo A Day, 12/16/15


2012-12-12 Dec-28

The belle of the ball…


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Christmas Photo A Day, 12/13/15


Almost positively photo-shopped, but VERY funny!!

SHARE those Christmas cookie recipes, the pies, the secret sauce, that je ne sais quoi that makes your meatballs the best ever! Share here, with all of us, so we will all be able to say, “Ah, yes, that is from my friend–I am always reminded of her when I make this!” Let’s not hoard! SHARE. (Ok, fine, email it all to me privately if you don’t want EVERYONE to know, wink, wink!!!) If they are Italian Christmas cookies, just mail me a tin!! 🙂

Christmas Photo A Day, 12/11/15




This photo was from 2008— Like Granpa, like Laylabug!

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Christmas Photo A Day, 12/10/15


Throwback Thursday this week is taking a time machine back to some old blog posts, and to a special pair of penguins that once belonged to Daddy.20150112-IMG_2697

I’ve been at this Christmas Photo A Day for a while.  It came about because I have spent every Christmas season since 1989 in retail. I was trying to find a bit of seasonal joy and motivation.

Clicking here takes you to one of my most popular blog posts ever! – Gifts from the Attic Stairs. Originally posted 12-5-2010

First, there were random blog posts about Christmas, and Christmas memories of mine. A bit of navel-gazing to be sure, but my reminiscing seemed to strike a chord with readers. Then I added some photos; the first year they were only emailed to my address book.

In 2009 I added this to my blog, and by 2011, it had become TRADITION! People often wonder how traditions are made.  Doing something more than twice seems to do it!  (But if the tradition isn’t working for you, change it up! Don’t worry—for the time being, this tradition is safe!)

Here are (almost) all the photos, over the years.

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Christmas Photo A Day, 12/5/15

What’s on YOUR Christmas tree?

My tree is a tree of memories; of places I’ve been and of people I care about. These are a few of the ornaments made by my steno teacher in high school over 30 years ago. I just learned recently that she died. Mrs. F  was a huge part of my life–a mother figure– way back when. All these Christmases later, her memory is brought to the surface, with love and affection as I decorate my tree and unwrap these handmade ornaments.

10516778_10152727409336117_2449415477108551457_nHappy birthday, Thomas and Matthew!

Small business Saturday! Shop local! Shop ARTIST galleries! Do you know how talented your neighbors are?

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December 8, 2013 Christmas Photo A Day



December 7, 2013 Christmas Photo A Day


Come and trim my Christmas tree,
With some decorations bought at Tiffany’s,
I really do believe in you,
Let’s see if you believe in me