December 4, 2018 Christmas Photo a Day



These buildings are being built on the West Side of NYC, near 34th St. We were walking along the Highline this summer, and I saw this from a distance. I said to my husband it looked like a pine cone! We had to walk over to it to discover what it was and what it was called. (This structure is called The Vessel, but I WILL always refer to it as the PINE CONE. 😉 and will always be in the Christmas spirit when I see it!)


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December 3, 2018 Christmas Photo a Day


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Musical Monday Winter White Hymnal


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December 2, 2018 Christmas Photo a Day


TODAY is Timmy’s birthday. OH, HOW I LOVE THIS MAN.20141208-20141208-IMG_1623

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Visit my photo site, and give ART this Christmas! Help fill my piggy bank for a trip to Ireland, Scotland and Wales this spring.2007 Nov Colonial Heights-25

December 1, 2018 Christmas Photo a Day

20181201-img_10281(Gratitude. <— go and read it before you leave for the mall.)

I was going to link this article the other day, and then I realized that it was needed TODAY. It’s Saturday. EVERYONE actually has only 23 more days till Christmas Eve. One of my biggest ‘things’ working retail is the attitude that THEY ALONE are celebrating this holiday and we have somehow conspired to ruin it by not having that random thing they need; not being able to accomplish the impossible project in an unreasonable amount of time because they didn’t think it would take so long….

It’s NOT about YOU. Really.

(Or if you celebrate Hanukah, you are at the finish line! Congrats.)


Visit my photo site, and give ART this Christmas! Help fill my piggy bank for a trip to Ireland, Scotland and Wales this spring.

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Christmas Photo A Day, 11 YEARS on—

WOW! 11 YEARS of Christmas Photo A Day!

I know (think? hope?) that you are all enjoying my tiny glimpse into Christmas…



Eleven years ago, the first year I did this, it was via EMAIL. I sent out email! To friends and family Who READ THEM, and responded!  Such a quaint, old-fashioned thought!

Back then, “in the olden days” when people didn’t carry phones with more megapixels than the first dSLR I owned, before the GIF, or MEME, before everyone was a graphic artist…

It was a different time, a quieter time…. (goodness, this sounds like great-grandpa talking about walking two miles, uphill both ways through the snow, to school!)

But you know what? It was for ME as much as it was for you.  I am a RETAIL Christmas person. I need to find the JOY in Christmas, “the peace on earth” under all it’s commercial nonsense. I NEED to know there is “goodwill toward men” out there! And so, here we are. This is the 10th year I have been posting images on the blog. *(search for old posts over to the right– CPAD or Christmas Photo a Day should lead you down the proper rabbit hole) I hope that the time and effort I put into this yearly endeavor is something that you have found value in, that you have looked forward to, and that you will SHARE these posts, encourage people to visit,

…to shop…

I am making it a bit commercial myself this year.  I want to travel next spring–to Scotland, Ireland and Wales with a few of my friends. And the Lottery Fairy has yet to leave me the winning ticket under my pillow. I don’t see Santa being any more accommodating, (although I will hang my stocking like a good girl 🙂 )

Consider this a go-FUNd-me type of thing… but with the added bonus of ART! You get to buy something from my website,(CHRISTMAS GIFTS!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU) I get $$ to travel, take more photos to post on my website….rinse and repeat.  (Obviously, I receive only a portion of the price you pay because of production costs, and none of the shipping— but I want to make my art affordable as well…)

TOMORROW IS SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY. I am a small business! (so are your LOCAL art galleries, who are ready and waiting with unique gifts of art…  (tariff-free!)img_1065

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So, I am poking around my blog, trying to find the date of something as I prepare for my Christmas Photo A Day blogs… and, to honest? I got CHILLS reading this…. I hope you will read, and share. And REMEMBER TO VOTE.

More Notes From the Refrigerator Door

The word Hooloovoo has been floating through my head these past few historic days. I am proud to be living in a BlueState again, surrounded by other blue states. By blue people. (Hooloovoo’s are of course a super-intelligent shade of the color blue, a species of creature in DouglasAdam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.)

I’m not going to spout numbers, because I am not a statistician or a mathematician. I am an artist, a quilter, a photographer, an occasional writer and thinker. Therefore, I shall lay out only my thoughts and observations about the recent election. A topic that I consciously chose to avoid during the campaign. (Of course, my blog is so rarely and randomly updated that it would have been a pointless exercise.)

On the days (weeks, months, years) leading to Election Day, we were bombarded with chaos. Absolutely nonsensical rumors became Biblical…

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I don’t block or unfriend people as a matter of course. I have, on occasion, removed a hitchhiker… someone who I don’t know; never met, but who maybe was a friend of a friend from a literary group or a high school classmate’s neighbor, who I may have given a chance, who turned out to be more trouble than they were worth.

I do not.

But I have been.




By “friends”…

…Because my religious beliefs and behaviors don’t align with theirs. Note–I am NOT in any fashion STOPPING THEM from worshiping as they wish. We are, for the time being at least, still FREE to worship as we see fit. YOUR desire to worship should have NO BEARING on how OUR country is GOVERNED….

…Because my political philosophy doesn’t align with theirs. My opinions are based on factual information, not hyper-partisan spin. (Of course I have shared a misplaced meme once or twice. I have occasionally not vetted something as well as I should. I happen to be human.)

But I WILL NOT BE QUIET. Not in the face of injustice, not with willful ignorance staring me in the face, not when people have locked themselves into a narrative that excludes all EVIDENCE because of some perceived, CREATED fear. When people refuse to CALL OUT EVIL because their ‘leader’ is providing them tax relief…. real or perceived… when the three co-equal branches of government will not call out utter fraud and possible treason, all because they crave POWER over patriotism…

I will continue to maintain my grasp on the correct side of history, as all of the horrors of this world through themselves at us. No matter that people vilify me or mine. I know I am in the right.


(Note also, that I have it on good authority I WILL be going to heaven. Sr Concepta assured me of this on many occasions over the years that she spent walking in my neighborhood, when she would pat my tiny daughter on the head, and say hello to my overgrown puppy.)