2017, Try to be kind to us. Please.

HAPPY Sunday!! Oh, and Happy New Year. 2017!! We (most of us) made it through 2016. It was a near thing, it seemed sometimes, and a bumpy ride. But. There it is; we shall try again.

CHANGECONNECT— ENOUGH— CHOOSE— INSIGHT— WEATHER— MOTIONBALANCE— DELIBERATE —All of these link to past year “Word of the Year” posts.

I have found that “the word” finds me. I can not simply be reading someone else’s word, and run off with it as my own. The lofty promise of some zen-like list of my goals doesn’t work for me in providing a word. M15747837_10212245347792828_7681154613875706397_ny word tends to come like the fog, on little cat feet. And, like a cat, can not be deterred or distracted (by bigger, grander words.) Try as I might, once it arrives, it keeps pestering, stepping over and onto and around, and I am helpless to change it.

I could try to, I know. I could write an essay on some other word, but as I did that, THE word would keep trying to interfere.  Therefore–

TRY. My word is TRY because that was the one that wouldn’t stop. But, when I took a peek at it on Dictionary.com, it seems like a pretty incredible three letter word as word of the year!

 TRY–to attempt to do or accomplish:  Try it before you say it’s simple.  To test the effect or result of (often followed by out):  to try a new method; to try a recipe out. To endeavor to evaluate by experiment or experience:  to try a new field; to try a new book. To test the quality, value, fitness, accuracy, etc., of:  Will you try a spoonful of this and tell me what you think of it? To put to a severe test; subject to strain, as of endurance, patience,affliction, or trouble; tax: to try one’s patience. To make an attempt or effort; strive: Try to complete the examination. Give it the old college try, Informal. to make a sincere effort: I gave it the old college try and finally found an apartment.

TRY offers a lot of self-love, as well. TRY it. It isn’t saying you have to make something happen; it isn’t judging you for missing;  you just have to TRY. Give your best shot. Don’t feel you have messed up by 15726905_10212258346717793_5317902501914750240_neating that doughnut, or not running the extra mile. Just try to paint, or to learn some French, or to figure out how to …. 

Try says you have permission to forget your reusable bags when you head to the grocery store. Next time, you’ll try to remember them. You don’t have to throw up your hands in defeat of ever sticking to a budget, or saving more, when you realize that your goal of spending less on your clothes this year was blown on that one really nice pair of shoes. As long as tomorrow comes, you have another chance to try to get it right.

These all seem like positive, forward moving, active thoughts…. They require being present. And, to continue trying to figure it all out…a goal for 2017 if I have ever heard one!  Only the best to you and yours in 2017! Be well!

Christmas Photo A Day DECEMBER 26, 2016


Enjoy it, you’ve earned it 😉

Christmas Photo A Day DECEMBER 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!! An extra large bunch of good holiday photo wishes! May all your Christmas dreams come true!

img_9137Season’s Greetings from the Green house!

15697882_10212190534742536_3900241990962103947_nSelfie with Timmy’s hand…


NonoNeko, now playing the role of “Good Cat”

NonoNeko, now playing the role of “Good Cat”


Roxy Fluffernutter: Good cat, what fun is THAT?

Roxy Fluffernutter: Good cat, what fun is THAT?12818_10152584078283105_6861752796268382579_n


Christmas Photo A Day DECEMBER 24, 2016


Maybe not the best new employees for the job. If your gifts are late..well, you’ve heard of herding cats, right? 

Maybe not the best new employees for the job. If your gifts are late..well, you’ve heard of herding cats, right?  Get thee to bed early, so Santa can come!!! Merry Christmas Eve!

Christmas Photo A Day DECEMBER 23, 2016


Happy Festivus!

My Festivus Story : (Which I shan’t edit, but think it is obvious that I believe that fact is not opinion and opinion not fact. Truth is truth, love is love. There are unintended consequences to actions that start from hate or fear, and I am terribly afraid for our future.)

Christmas Photo A Day DECEMBER 22, 2016

Throwback Thursday.

Arlie opening gifts—it doesn’t matter what it is, it’s done with enthusiasm!


Christmas Photo A Day DECEMBER 21, 2016

Happy Solstice!20160124-img_8404