Christmas Photo a Day, December 2, 2019

Back from the beginning… The FIRST year of Christmas Photo a Day, and our dear sweet and skittish boy Hamish.

Happy birthday, hunny!! We are doing Throwback Thursday a little early 🙂

Have you seen Ford Vs Ferrari yet? (No? Why NOT? The theater was packed last TUESDAY night! Did you know that my husband wrote a novel? You do now!!! It’s GOOD! (and I am NOT a race car type person… I mean, I have fond childhood memories of my dad taking us to the stock car races at Weissglass Stadium, but…)

It’s futuristic, and funny and poignant, and not so car-guy racing dense that you need to KNOW about cars (because his, for the moment, are make-believe)…. and there’s tragedy and some romance, too. LUNA LE MANS-THE LONG SHADOW  Currently a free download at Smashwords. Treat yourself.

There are three stages of man: he believes in Santa Claus; he does not believe in Santa Claus; he is Santa Claus” — Bob Phillips

Christmas Photo a Day, December 1, 2019

Glass Trees, VMFA gift shop

The Countdown is ON.

The NEXT four Sundays, the blog is Silent Sunday. Just an image, YOU add the meaning. Today, not so much! 😉 ONE more week before CPAD (Christmas Photo a Day) starts to come to you before work (days off, too) each morning! That’s the good news.

The bad??? Well, you are so NOT early with your shopping! It’s a tiny little Christmas shopping season this year.

An idea— shop online– FOR ART. Photographs that suit the style and personality of those you love. ART is special. It says “I saw THIS and thought of YOU!”…. still time to get it shipped AND standard sizes mean there is still time to frame it. THE VIEW FROM THE PASSENGER WINDOW

Flying Solo
(find in “Traveling”)

(at the end of the day, this CPAD is a labor of love, but I do want you to OWN and ENJOY my art!)

If not online, FIND A LOCAL GALLERY!! (no link… seriously, just GOOGLE Local art gallery for YOUR local artists!

You will not find UNIQUE in a mall.

Are you READY??? (ready or not….)

Christmas Photo a Day starts in 28 DAYS.  (Follow this link to an absolutely NOT complete look at CPAD photos from Christmas past.)

Where did this year GO?? Have you any idea what your new years resolutions were for 2019? Are you ready for 2020? I hope that the good outdid the bad this year, for you…

I am sorry to inform you, but you are NO LONGER early with your Christmas shopping. Indeed, you are starting to skate pretty close to “OMG, what am I getting aunt Susie this year!” All that’s between you and Christmas is Election Day on Tuesday (VOTE!!!) and Thanksgiving.

Have you signed up to get a little holiday cheer yet? A laugh, a chuckle or a memory in photo form, delivered to your INSTAGRAM, to your FACEBOOK, to your TWITTER or, if you are still opening it daily, your EMAIL? (Don’t trust that you HAVE in the past signed up… please go check that you follow me on one of the three links above.  If you want me to be sending you an email each morning with your Photo A Day, please contact me)  (Twitter—fair warning, you WILL see a lot of political posts if you follow me there)

Let me remind you that you still have time to find aunt Susie a perfect, and unique gift-– a gift of ART. 

Straight from the comfort of your couch, take a wander through this gallery or any of the others on my website, The View From the Passenger Window.  These carefully curated albums are full of my most popular, best-selling images.

The shopping experience has been made easier and it’s more intuitive. This year, all the prices are set. I am not offering any coupons or promos. Shop now and rest easy, prices are not going to change tomorrow. (please also realize that the price you pay is NOT how much I am earning….I have my profit set relatively low to the cost of the photos production cost)

AND!!!!! Drumroll please, HOLIDAY GREETING CARDS are back! Flat 5×7 25 pack or more, starting at $.92 per card! It seems as if you can only get holiday cards at the moment, but at least they are back!

Now We Are SIX.

Never Forget. Ever. (she was eight yesterday. time moves on)

More Notes From the Refrigerator Door

(Yes, it’s been some time since I have blogged. I guess I haven’t had anything nice to say, and that’s how I was raised 😉  )

TEN YEARS ON…. (The following is LONG. It is emotional and it is depressing. Since I started blogging, I have written something about the events of 9-11, and I have linked to a website where a very small part of the following is posted. This year, I have simply consolidated the entire scrapbook and writings that are in it, and created a new gallery on my photo website so all is viewable and archived.)

It turns out I can’t ReBlog something more than once. So, HERE is my September 11, 2011 blog post…  written SIX years and two days ago, on the eve of Laylabug’s birth… six years of absolute joy and wonder, while right outside that little bubble of love, life goes…

View original post 17 more words


I just finished listening to “Becoming”, by Michelle Obama.

I am not typically an audiobook person for THE FIRST time around, I should clarify. I love to listen to well-worn tales that I can zone out on for a bit without having to rewind wondering WHAT just happened??? So, I will often re-listen to 100 Years of Solitude or Hitchhikers Guide or Outlander.

However, the wait list at the library was months long for both book and audiobook, so I put both on hold, and the audio arrived first.

9781524763138_p0_v6_s550x406-1Read it.  Listen to it.  Play it during the to and from school commute with your children. Any child should know that THEY have space in their world to BECOME ….

It is gentle, funny, inspiring and so truthfully told.

It starts at the very beginning, a very fine place to start, and it made me think back on my childhood, my recollections and wonder at how many things, if I REALLY thought about them, influenced me in ways I am not aware of, until I start to think about them carefully.

Can I recall tales like these? Or ike the absolutely hysterical recollection my husband has of getting on his bike and running away to grandma’s house because of…. yeah, HE  will have to tell THAT tale 🙂

Probably. I can, if prompted, and not required to put a date on things, tell all sorts of tales. Tales so similar to those that Michelle Obama tells of her 4 year old self…

There were many places I wanted to stop and write down a quote, and I didn’t… because, well, driving. So, on a little Google search, here is a list of some of them… Not  necessarily the ones that were the things that I had wanted to note… because some of them were more introspective in the margin kind of things…

I am sure I will read or listen again someday, but in the meantime I know that there is a whole list of library patrons waiting, so I sent it back early.