Clinton vs. Trump

Perfectly put. Blameless and perfect she may not be, but Sane, accomplished, capable? Yeah, she’s got that going for her.

Liberty and Justice for ALL


Political name-calling is nothing new, and the modern media loves a nickname better than the cure for a deadly disease. They also seem to love controversy better than substance and there has been no shortage of either in the 2016 Presidential election campaign.

Republicans and conservatives love to call her, “Killary,” or “Crooked Hillary,” while Democrats and liberals call him, “Lying Trump, DumbTrump,” or any of a long list of colorful metaphors I’ll leave to your imagination or social media feed.

Hillary Clinton has certainly been accused of lying more than once, along with virtually every member of Congress, but I think there is a large difference between changing your position on a particular issue, qualifying your remarks, and outright lying.

Clinton has changed her position on more than a few points over the years, but after forty years of dealing with law, public issues, and government service I’m not…

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Letting it Go

How about this for a really thought-provoking read— People can not grow if their wings are clipped. Do you accidentally clip your spouses wings?- Trish

Recently, a friend of mine drew my attention to this piece: Mother, Writer, Monster, Maid. Here’s a very small excerpt from a very lengthy, thought-provoking piece. And this is what provoked …

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The Useful Idiots?

I was recently shown the following newspaper article and I honestly have no idea when it was published. I have no idea who Garret Geer is but this whole text sounds like it was scripted for Rush Li…

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Divided We Fall

This was posted by my husband a day before Brexit actually has shown us that it is entirely possible for Drumf to be elected. Remember this: NOT voting IS voting. Think long and hard about your choice. Don’t let FEAR make your decision.

Its one thing to be conquered by an enemy but quite another when defeat comes at your own hands. Sadly, that appears to be exactly the fate the USA will suffer, like a hungry wild animal eating her…

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Dear Mom,

Well, her it is, that first Mother’s Day as a motherless child…. but close indeed to my own daughter, sleeping in the next room…❤ My husband was, as you can tell, a Momma's boy in the best way…. Love to you, too, Boo! Miss you always..

Thoughts from the Highway of Life


Dear Mom,

I remember you saying in the hospital, “You got to be tough if you want to live.”

Greater truth has seldom been spoken and I find myself more and more often embroiled in personal struggle. I miss our phone calls, even if they never accomplished much it was comforting to know we could commiserate about our diverse problems. I know there are others who miss your voice as well, and while I don’t mean to sound selfish, it’s your voice I hear in those wee hours of the night when sleep escapes me.

I knew life would be harder without you, even though I fervently prayed for your suffering to end. I knew I needed to step forward into a new chapter of my life but it might be easier if the obstacles were physical ones to move. I still weep when I think of all the things…

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We are in the final countdown of Droughtlander! Here’s a blog I wrote last year–some things are still right on point! Enjoy!

More Notes From the Refrigerator Door

I really need a dandelion right about now. 

With just hours left before Written in My Own Hearts Blood (aka MOBY) book 8 of the Outlander series is published (*Disclaimer—for the majority of readers, as there ARE people who have already received the book, legitimately or via oversight by stores stocking early, and there ARE countries where the book wont come out for a few weeks and…) the self-absorbed, unable-to-accept-an-answer, petulant five-year-old contingent of the internet has come out in some force on some social media sites about Spoilers and Sharing.

Lets just say this about that, shall we? FIRST WORLD PROBLEM10447201_10204512464395576_677531282_nS

I know that the Red Wedding episode in Game of Thrones is bloody and shocking. I haven’t read the books, I am only on season one, but I am not so put off by this information, these “spoilers”,  that I’ve decided to stop watching. I’ve learned, before…

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A MONTH of photos!

MY bad! The month, short as it was, totally escaped me. The death of my mother thing and all that has and will continue to entail while I work on straightening out her estate has taken it’s toll on my equilibrium… But never fear, I DID take photos every single day!  Here for your viewing pleasure, February 2016.


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