Week 11, Photo of the day 2017

(three quarters of) a dozen projects…Three of the same, but different…Low angle shot…bonus cat photos…off prompt again (sick day with cats)…Three of the same but different-take two…Off prompt getting my Irish on…off prompt the couple who goes to patient first together stays together…


Week 8, Photo of the day, 2017


Drip….Off prompt again (new recipe)…

Off prompt again (HAIL STORM!)…Commemorate…

off prompt again TONGUE!)…Lines (drawn)/Full (of himself)

Guest Photog (Laylabug and Gigi)…Best invention EVER (so close, and yet, so far from the machine ūüėČ )


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Photos of the week, week 5, 2017

We are in February already! Quick PSA…. have you cleaned out your phone, uploaded or deleted photos? Don’t be one of those sad people who lose their memories if they lose their phone. DELETE bad images taken in January. Upload to the cloud storage of your choice all the rest. It’s ok to leave them on the phone, just put them somewhere else, as well! (iCloud, Google photos, Carbonite, Smugmug or your computer—but if that crashes…)

Mix…Begins with E…Light…Fork…Off prompt again–Death of a mug…To your right… Bare branches–bonus planet! …Bonus photo you must see–Table Manners.


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Photos of the day, Week 2, 2017

Week 2 also has a few (extras). (my second quilt finish of the year!)…Quiet……Inviting…(Roxy and Neko)…(squirrel!)…Cold…Natural X AND branches…Small X-snowflake-print; A hat trick on this image, it covered three of the days prompts from my variety of lists!…My sewing kit…Someone I love.

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Photos of the day, week 1, 2017

I am going back to publishing these this year–keeps me honest! So, for the first week of 2017— I present 10 images. Because I have found that working from only one prompt list to be too limiting, I have this month, 4 lists to play with. Sometimes, I still find off-prompt things, sometimes only one prompt will happen!

Boots.   Where I Sew.

Sweet.   Cozy.

Rectangular.   Small, white and round.

Contemplate.   Edible, red and white.

Off prompt-but irresistible!    Imperfect.

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12 Photos.

I shoot a lot. I do a photo a day challenge; I have always tried to have my camera with me at all times. This has been made easier with the iPhone–I ALWAYS have a camera now! I started to look at the photos I took over the course of 2015….These are almost all chosen from my photo a day.

These are the 12 photos I liked best last year..of the almost 9k photos on Lightroom from 2015… I have chosen one a month as my favorite….(Yikes. There are a LOT of photos that need to be deleted!) ETA: ¬†WHICH is YOUR favorite, and WHY?? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!!


Virginia weather dictates that before the first really crazy winter happens, the daffodils need to start popping through the ground….


Dandy-lions! PFFT!


Laylabug, trying out pigtail braids. I prefer contemplative photos very often, rather than the straight on, look at me cheesy smile.


Corondo Island with my Uncle Thomas, on his retirement.



TH (20 of 897)

Of the almost 600 photos taken on this wedding day, THIS is my hands down favorite.


Safety First!




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Two Weeks in October. CY365 1018-10/31.

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