Christmas Photo a Day, December 20, 2017

Christmas Photo a Day, December 14, 2017

Throwback Thursday… 1986 and 1987…see the extra little shepherd with her Mickey Mouse? ☺️

This white nativity set was around before I was around… by how many years, I can’t exactly say; I believe Aunt Gael bought it for Grandma …(or was that the set of Revere Ware pots that she got her? I don’t recall the stories exactly, and sadly Aunt Gael is unable to recall either) I set this nativity up in different places, in different homes, but always with the memories of unwrapping them with my brother….

Holiday traditions, and the physical items that sometimes create or support those traditions, also come with the reminders of love and loss…  (Grief is the tax on loving people.—wow. )


Christmas Photo a Day, December 3, 2017

The Holly and the Ivy Nature decorates her trees with many colors! (I don’t know of any song with juniper berries)

Christmas Photo a Day, December 2, 2017

Happy birthday to my hunny, my own Santa!


All I Want for Christmas is You 


Week 11, Photo of the day 2017

(three quarters of) a dozen projects…Three of the same, but different…Low angle shot…bonus cat photos…off prompt again (sick day with cats)…Three of the same but different-take two…Off prompt getting my Irish on…off prompt the couple who goes to patient first together stays together…

Week 8, Photo of the day, 2017


Drip….Off prompt again (new recipe)…

Off prompt again (HAIL STORM!)…Commemorate…

off prompt again TONGUE!)…Lines (drawn)/Full (of himself)

Guest Photog (Laylabug and Gigi)…Best invention EVER (so close, and yet, so far from the machine 😉 )


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Photos of the week, week 5, 2017

We are in February already! Quick PSA…. have you cleaned out your phone, uploaded or deleted photos? Don’t be one of those sad people who lose their memories if they lose their phone. DELETE bad images taken in January. Upload to the cloud storage of your choice all the rest. It’s ok to leave them on the phone, just put them somewhere else, as well! (iCloud, Google photos, Carbonite, Smugmug or your computer—but if that crashes…)

Mix…Begins with E…Light…Fork…Off prompt again–Death of a mug…To your right… Bare branches–bonus planet! …Bonus photo you must see–Table Manners.


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