Everyone may not be aware, and so I just wanted to remind you that THIS YEAR, Christmas is on December 25th…. Yes, the 25th of December is CHRISTMAS this year, that comes directly after the 24th…

Really. It’s one of the last hold-out, non floating holidays …(Halloween having given up the gh0st in so many localities, we have New Years, the 4th of July and Christmas holding onto the outdated tradition of being celebrated ‘on the day’, so to speak.) Therefore, it will be held on a Sunday this time around.

Now, I realize it’s a sneaky  little holiday—there are, after all, no signs stating such an event is on its way, nor advertisements alerting you; heck there aren’t even any special songs to remind you or anything, so I just wanted to provide this little PSA…. Smile

Black Friday. While I Red heart what I do, pardon me if I am less than enthused to be coming to work at  O’Dark Thirty and keeping a Laughing out loud on my face all the live long day, while you hold me personally responsible for being out of the widget de jour…especially, if while you are looking down your nose at the shop “help” you can’t stop texting Mobile phoneor calling friends to complain about how utterly horrid your EXTRA DAY OFF has been because all the goodies you wanted were gone…because it isn’t my day off, and I won’t get an extra day off and I won’t open my check to find hazard pay on it, either!

See, the thing is, it isn’t even the WORKING—loads of people are working on holidays— in hospitals and airports Airplane, factories and newspapers, IT help desks  and and and… But it’s just the same as any other work day, except they get holiday pay, or time and a half or triple time, or extra time off, and more than the just over minimum that is offered to seasonal retail workers.

It’s the tone of the people you are interacting with—who any other day may be polite and gentle, who may hold the door for someone, or let someone with only a few items get to the register before them.  Who upon arrival at the parking lot begin to behave like hungry piranhas, refusing even to yield a gap in the driving lane to let a car out of a parking space Auto, so sure that someone may be trying to beat them to the deal. The season of Peace and Joy, indeed.

Be alerted also that many, many people consider the 24th of December a holiday, too. Retail does not. Those elves busy filling your stockings at the register on December 24th are not being treated to a paid (or unpaid) holiday. They are scrambling to come up with something at the last minute, to fulfill  orders not due till early January, to prove to the person you are trying to impress that you are, indeed, Santa.

The retail world thanks you.  

About Turkey Day  This links to a blog I wrote two years ago for Thanksgiving. There isn’t much I can add to it…

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What is left to say?





Rent-Seasons of Love

6,700,000 minutes running, 235,000 odd minutes left. (–and counting).

How do you measure—-

Measure success?

Measure a life?

A gritty, sad, uplifting tale, tossed into the 1990’s in NYC and it is iconic now. Just the other day I was in the city for the afternoon, on a no particular destination roam-about. And walking past The Nedelander Theater, the walls covered with graffiti caught me as they do, and the wash of a variety of emotions churned around in my mind.

My daughter Arlie fell in love with Rent way back in the 8th grade, 10 years ago. I closed my eyes and could see her smiling face as she opened the envelope on Christmas morning with her tickets to Rent. She lived with the CD in her Walkman, all the lyrics committed to memory. And it’s probably on her Ipod at this moment.

Another vision of Arlie and I, walking through the smoky, dusty streets of Manhattan on September the 15 or 16 2001, on our way to purchase tickets to Rent so her soon to be step-sister could see the show.

We stood on Broadway in the dusky late afternoon as a parade of heavy machinery, designed to tear things apart, crept southward, and the more final implications of their actions reached deep inside our aching hearts; because those behemoths were all but declaring no one would be found living in the rubble, Guilani’s continued TV proclamations of searching longer to the contrary. It was a quiet moment on Broadway, the same thought probably flitting through every persons mind.

Rent has been on Broadway, it occurs to me, most of Arlie’s conscious life. All of her adult life. And now she is graduating from college next month (FINALLY ;} ) and Rent will be closing soon too. All around us, things change, grow,move on.

It seems fitting I think, that maybe tickets to Rent could be a part of her graduation celebration. It’s always been there for her so far. Guess I need to find out how difficult it will be to find some tickets to the show.

So how odd indeed, to come home and find an article in the New York Times on the actual genesis of the Wall at the Nederlander? It’s an interesting article… Click here!

Look at my Flickr photos (to the right) for the photos I took last week.

Happy Birthday Dad! (a new years resolution story)

happy happy day…. =)

Joseph Kevin Caseyclick image for more photos

ok, on to my new years resolution…(yes there is a connection!) A bit late to the game you say? Well, come on. Should something of the magnitude of a year long promise be relegated to a night of party-ing, and one-up-manship when listing your resolutions? Of course not. (hey, I was in bed before the ball dropped,  but a ‘me-too-er’ I’m not)

Resolve away on that night and are you destined to failure? Timmy hopes so, so he can get back to getting INTO the gym and not having to wait in a line for equipment (I have tried to convince him hiking from the way back parking lot constitutes his warm-up)

My resolution may be late, but it’s arrived with some forethought.

–SCAN all the family photographs.–

  • once and for all, gather all the genealogical images that are in this house
  •  scan
  • Identify
  • touch-up
  • Burn CD’s
  • upload to Flickr
  • share with family

Simple, eh? Surely you jest. Have you any idea how many photos I have? I fear to say thousands, but in the high hundreds at least. I will then carefully box and put away the originals, and be able to call upon an image at the stroke of a few keys, instead of tossing the house upside down because I can “see” it in my head and “know” I own it.

This is the part where you come in! When you go off to view the photos I upload (and I am going to be doing this in small bits) –do you recognize anyone? Any place? Have I mis-identified someone? Does looking at the photos remind you of a story about a family member? Pass the information on to me please!

Next, do YOU have any family photos sitting around that you would like me to scan for you? (this means you —clarks, caseys, franks, bakers, greens –) If so, contact me about sending them my way and I will get them archived and back to you quickly.

So, WHY did this become my resolution? Well, sadly I recieved a call a week or so back informing me that Bill Casey III passed away. During a conversation with his lovely daughter Barbara, a discussion of the ‘Casey’ nose ensued. I was telling her I believed it to be a Carr trait and got ready to email her ‘proof’, but alas, I was lost by the lack of being able to lay my hands on the images easily. (when I get all the appropriate photos pulled together, we can re-visit this concept) 

And the Happy Birthday connection? Dad’s birthday just happened along as I came across a bunch of his photos to  scan. So I decided to be ‘cruel’ and post some images so you can see what a cutie he was, once upon a time! Click on the baby  to see lots more photos, and on the WORD “Dad’s” highlighted to go to his blog, and via that visit his virtual world and drop him some birthday wishes! 

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Happy Thanksgiving…

…another year has almost gone by, and far too little time has been spent around with those we love…far too much time has been spent worrying over things we can’t change… a year of suffering over losses…and celebrating successes…saying hello and saying goodbye…

…on balance, i hope that each and everyone of you, whom I hold closely to my heart, whose part in my life is an integral part of who I am right now….have had more days that were welcoming, more mornings that found success at the end of the day, and that the days that were hard were few and far between…I hope that you have been able to find something or someone to smile at every day….

thank you for being in my life!

Happy Thanksgiving, to you all, whether you are here in America stuffing yourself or off in a not so far-flung corner of the world, spending just another day….

My old Blog… if you are looking for it!

This blog, on Blogger, was started in May of 2006.  I didn’t get too crazy with it, but here it is anyway….some fun photos, and a couple of cute stories.  I will be moving all my links over here; so far I think I like this place better anyway!!!

another blog, folks!

It’s February. the second. How? I don’t really know, but somehow it seems I haven’t updated my blog since New Years Day. And blogger is being crotchety, so I decided to try someplace else……

so here I am!