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Here is the next set of photos from our vacation. This first one is of the Hollywood sign. But it was elusive, and the traffic was horrid, and as we drove up Highland Ave (?) I was searching for it as we approached Hollywood Blvd as the sites online told us would be good photographs. But we had to move through the intersection when we did…. not when we wanted. I looked up and there it was…WALL-Eywood!!!

It seemed the ideal shot!! (if you go to the flickr site by double clicking on any of the photos, you can see the more common Sign shots.

So, what was Hollywood like? It was like this….I am glad I went to California to see family in San Diego, and hadn’t made Hollywood/LA our destination. Of course, had it been our destination, it’s possible we would have gotten a better overall impression.

Maybe at night it would be more impressive, when all the neon is going, kinda like Times Square, except Times Square holds up in the daytime. We had gone to Hollywood for the express purpose of finding the Petersen Museum, which turned out to be a bit of a disappointment to Timmy because a few of the cars he wanted to see were not on display (The Batmobile, and Cadzilla, for those who care)

We did a bit of Mulholland Drive, because there is nothing Timmy likes more than driving on a winding road, and I will give them this….that road WINDS!  We were going to stop and have lunch before hitting the road for Saturdays ultimate destination, the BEACH, but we couldn’t find parking so we drove through to Beverly Hills, and had lunch there ( ok, it was at Micky-D’s).

Other photos that are attached to this post would be of my brudder and his beau, my brudder and me (I was nice and scooted down into his embrace so he looks TALL LOL) and some other images from the zoo and downtown San Diego….

Next up, the BEACH photos! Soon, I promise.

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