Well, it didn’t rain on Saturday…

2008-5-10 arlie oval 8×10

Originally uploaded by rteest42

…at least between 10 am and 11:55 am… Graduation ended at 12:05….
It DID rain on traveling day…all day Thurs, from VA to PA. It rained all day on moving day, Friday….

And somewhere, the prayers of parents and grandparents across the states (for Virginia Tech, at the very least, also had grad) reached heavenward….
and it didn’t rain till 11:55…..
I don’t know if it rained on the 3 pm graduates, because we had left Bloomsburg by then.

Never fear, however, the rain returned with a vengence on Sunday….thru Pa to VA…and still Monday it’s raining!!!!

However, the graduation ceremony was wonderful, and I am oh, so very proud!!!!!


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