ARLIE at her FIRST graduation, Kindergarten 1990

Well, here we are—Graduation day!!!!

Long awaited by all, an anticipated final moment of the great chidhood-adult divide.

I can’t quite describe how incredibly proud and impressed I am by my daughter and her achievement.

It’s been a longer than average journey, but there you are. A College GRADUATE! Arlie is 100% responsible for making this dream of hers come true.

I work with young people often; in retail I am around young men and women her age all the time. I feel that I can say with only a little pride that she is unique. I am sometimes disappointed by the behaviors and attitudes of some of my co-workers, because I am so used to the way that she thinks, with an eye toward the future, and an understanding and acceptance that hard things are hard, and that working toward a goal is satisfying in the long run….(who WOULDN’T want to be handed everything, and not have to work for it??)

As Timmy often told me whe he was getting to know Arlie, ‘Your daughter is NOT normal!’ (meant in the most positive of ways) Who knew… she and all her friends operated on the same page, that of personal responsibility and accountablity and expectations from the adults in their lives. They all were ‘good’ kids…. they were good students, good citizens, and good friends. They accomplished and achieved and cared and loved and suffered together….

What a girl!!!

PS…She’s looking for work. You want to hire her?? She’s an AWESOME worker (I can say that because she worked with me for 3 years during high school, and was without a doubt my second best employee –I often said if I could just clone her and Ozzie…Well, yeah, ok,  I still say that!!)

PPS… Happy Mother’s Day to all to whom this applies in my life… No frogs this year, a photo of a graduating child is an even better Gift!!!




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