Happy Thanksgiving…

…another year has almost gone by, and far too little time has been spent around with those we love…far too much time has been spent worrying over things we can’t change… a year of suffering over losses…and celebrating successes…saying hello and saying goodbye…

…on balance, i hope that each and everyone of you, whom I hold closely to my heart, whose part in my life is an integral part of who I am right now….have had more days that were welcoming, more mornings that found success at the end of the day, and that the days that were hard were few and far between…I hope that you have been able to find something or someone to smile at every day….

thank you for being in my life!

Happy Thanksgiving, to you all, whether you are here in America stuffing yourself or off in a not so far-flung corner of the world, spending just another day….

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