Geometry Lessons

No! I am  NOT a math geek. I have a hate/hate relationship with the stuff as a matter of fact. However, last summer, I discovered this series of novels, and after having read them all, felt that I needed MORE!  For some reason, I began searching for more information, and discovered the world of Fan Fiction.  I endeavored to write a little story of my own, which took the characters from Stephanie Plum, by Janet Evanovich, and I resolved all the loose ends that Janet Evanovich insists on leaving dangling! 

I found the entire experience satisfying. And 129,000 odd words later, so have the wonderful ladies I have met on some of the fan fiction boards. My little story took on a life of its own. I haven’t written much fiction, nothing that I can recall indeed since college.  This was a lot of fun. However, my quilting and scrapbooking have taken a long break while doing it. If you are interested in reading, the story is published at

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