What Else am I up to?

Well, let’s see. A lot of you know I like to write. I used to write essays for the local newspaper; had a couple published there and even made it to the OP/ED page once or twice.

In college, I was always the one asking for ONE MORE blue book, please, I promise I will stop answering the questions soon! And a 8-10 page paper? Easy as pie. Of course, easy, once I settled down and started writing, it was easy. I have held the title of Queen of Procrastination for a very long time, folks. I groan to think of how long those papers would be today–back then (insert stone age drum beats) I had to hand write and then insert paper into a typewriter! And use white out.

Ah, the freedom the computer has provided. Professor Nachmani is relieved I am sure that we didn’t use such new -fangled things like this back then!

Not that you would know by reading this blog so far. I definitely haven’t been writing with much thought here; I started this mostly to have a place to show photos.

In any event. I have gotten hooked on this book series. Well, a number of books, of course, but this particular series…it spoke to me. The author is stringing us along, and we are following her meekly.

The series is Stephanie Plum and the author is Janet Evanovich. There are currently 12 books, and she writes a new one each year. I devoured them this summer. And then read them again. Immediately. Not like me, I usually move on quickly.

The characters got under my skin. There has been no resolution for them, and it was eating me up. (Ok, so I don’t have much else to worry about…shoot me that my life is great, why don’t you?) I am willing to admit, and I know that my husband reads this, that I have certain, well, feelings, for one of the main characters.

I had never heard of Fan Fiction before, or maybe I had, but it buzzed by my brain. I did a little googling, and discovered a whole world of people who like to play with other people’s fictional characters! Who knew?

Have I ever sent you a hand made card? What does it say on the back—“another product of Trish’s over-active imagination”–I believe those are the words I used.

I began to write a story. And up until now, have posted it on a site where everyone else has similar feelings about the universe we are exploring, (or borrowing.) So they are all very supportive. But, I have decided to take the big plunge, and post it where people I actually know may read it. Exposing myself, yikes, a bit delicate there, but…

if you go to http://www.fanfiction.net/~aliaslaceygreen or http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1166786/ you should be able to locate my story, called Geometry Lessons. (but maybe not quite yet. It’s showing up on my computer as existing, from the accounts side, but not from the public side.)

I have written a prologue, so if you have no Stephanie Plum experience, you shouldn’t be too lost. I will continue posting there; currently only have the prologue up, but it’s a slightly difficult site so far for me to navigate. I am working on it, however.

I hope you enjoy it. I will note here that I use real language (cursing, etc) and real situations, so if you are uncomfortable with this proceed at your own risk.


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