Journal Quilts February-May

February’s quilt came as I was in a mini Beatlmania. I had just finished watching the DVD Imagine, and had a Beatles CD in the car, driving home from Ashland, where I had gone to meet a quilter from one of my groups. We went fabric shopping!!!
And then to the new scrapbook store next to the quiltman. Ashland is a bad bad place.

Anyway, the words to this song rattled around in my head as I buzzed down 95. The entire concept and construction occured on the ride home.
I felt that it needed to be in soft, monochromatic colors, to emphasize John and Pauls timeless lyrics, I never saw 60’s psychedelic colors. I printed the words onto fabric run through my printer, cut them up and the sewed them back together. Using some fabric paint and rubber stamps designed for scrapbooking, I pressed the title over the entire thing.

March was interesting. Meaningful. I was working on a different project, for FFAC, which was donating money to the American Cancer Society. Since my father had just finished up treatment for his cancer I decided to donate some fabric postcards to the cause. They would be sold at the Chicago IQS in April.
I started playing with scraps from a different quilt, and came up with an idea for the postcards, but while putting it together, it reminded me of my Aunt Gene. She was the ultimate hoarder. I thought, wow, wouldn’t Aunt Gene be proud! Then of course, I amended that thought, because the last time I saw her before she died, she had no idea who I was. Alzheimers had taken her, and her sister, my great-grandmother. I recalled there was an Alzheimers project for quilters going on as well. I took the thought for the postcards, reworked it for the Alzheimers project and liked the result so much (down in the past postings SOMEWHERE) that I made one for my Journal Quilt as well.

IT’S TRITE I TELL YA -On Display at Houston

Ok, another one caused by the endless circular carryings on at quiltart. Is it real or is it memorex? What constites a quilt? What makes it art? Yada yada. One round of this discussion brought up the idea of a sunflower. Someone stated that they were trite. Not art (dont tell Georgia)….Anyhoooo, I just left the Chicago quilt show and there were a heck of a lot of Sunflowers that made it into the show!!!

And after all, I personally have never worked with the sunflower as a subject, in any media. How could it be trite to me? For bonus points, I tossed in a Kincade-esque background complete with Lumiere painted sky and a thatched cottage.

DiscOver Aquehonga On-Display at Houston
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