Ocracke and Hatteras

Here are some photos from our little late summer mid-week vacation!

At the beginning of August, we had decided to take Arlie down to Ocracoke Island. Having never been ourselves, we apparently under-estimated the concept that everyone else in the universe was planning on taking the ferry to Ocracoke —the only way, except plane, to arrive there.
So, in 100 plus degree heat, we drove to the ferry and found that there would be a wait of at least 3 hours. So we turned back.
Chicken, huh?

Timmy and I decided to try again on a Wednesday in late September. Much more comfortable weather conditions, and not nearly the crowds.

We waited only 20 minutes before our ferry ride.
When we arrived, we found a motel in Ocracoke Village, which is just the most picturesque little town with tiny, winding roads. The most efficient way to get around is bicycle or foot. We rented bicycles and took off to explore. I have not been on bike since I was a teenager, but just so you know, you really DON’T forget!!!!!

The two lighthouses are the Bodie Island Lighthouse, on Hatteras Island, and the Ocracoke Island Lighthouse.

Pelicans were the big thing in this area. They are comical birds, by turn elegant and then ungainly.

Over my strong objections, Timmy woke me incredibly early, in the pitch dark, to go see the sunrise. Of course, once I was there, I was happy, but it was dark!!!

I had for some reason (the dark, mayhap?) twisted the knob on the top of my camera one click too far, and ended up shooting most of the sunrise at 1/15 of a second. However, the rising sun gave me the ability to catch my mistake before it was too late.

On our way back from Ocracoke the next day, we stopped on the way at Pony Pasture and found some of the wild ponies. They have quite a stretch of beach to roam.
We made a stop formore beach exploration on the way back up Hatteras Island. I had just purchased a long zoom and had some fun taking photos of the birds at the edge of the water. Posted by Picasa


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