Workshop thingies…

quilt studies, I guess. I took my first ever quilt workshop last weekend with Pamela Allen. What fun! It was more about design, and “art” than about quilting, which was cool, I haven’t had an art class in some time! Makes me long for college days…

First study was Black and white…. . She said make a composition with 2 veggies and a flower. Can you find them?? ( a mushroom HOUSE, a brocolli TREE, and a SUNflower) I think I will continue to work with this… I like the simplistic, childlike layout, and in the photo, I like the fact that the white tree trunk fabric is sheer and you can see the background. I think I will use only a few primary colored embrodiery flosses to embellish.

Bed frame by Pamela…. LINE was the topic, and its different than line with a pencil!! Subject…a piece of furniture. I can see this improving if I had the options of fabric from my real stash, with a more thoughtful palette….don’t know if I will work on it, but I would use orientals, to somewhat emphasize the bed shape looking like a Chinese character…

This one MUST be finished!! I love it. Monochromatic was the topic, and FISH was the subject. I call it Midnight Snack. It started fun conversation when I declared I needed a dragonfly.

This is our Portrait (not Self-portrait!!!!) She is turning out to be some type of Polynesian Princess…. I want to enlarge this one, add some space and get her off center. She will be able to be heavily embellished, too, I think.

I really enjoyed stretching my quilt comfort levels…. Nothing here is finished, nothing sewn down, and now at home, I will look at them, replace with My fabrics things to help make it more sucessful..and have a blast doing it!!! Posted by Picasa


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