random thoughts….

Two photos, 30 something years apart, about the same age….WOW…On the left is Michael, and on the right is his nephew and godson, Matthew… Pretty wild, and Anoki, you are the one that made me do this!!

My Alzheimers Quilt… “Wouldn’t Aunt Gene Be Proud”… To be Auctioned off, or sold, or displayed somewhere…in the hands currently of Ami Simms http://www.Alzquilts.com

Timmy and I took his mom to Lancaster Pa the week after Mother’s Day for a belated celebration. They wanted to go to the Rod and Custom Car show. I went for the Fabric!!! And these shots were taken out the rear passenger window, while we were riding along in the area of Bird-In-Hand… LOVE MY CAMERA!

The weather was gorgeous. The fabric sublime. And I know one place I definitely can’t ever move too, or I might find a touch of domestic life appealling…Morgantown! Where the Grocery store doubles as an incredible fabric store!!! I’d be saying constantly, I need to run to the store for milk! Oh, let me COOK dinner tonight, I’ll just drop by the store on the way home…. nah, too dangerous! Posted by Picasa

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