Beach Day, Part Two

Well. I certainly know I need a longer lens!!! I have a 200, but it’s broken (only manual focus, which is fine, but for some reason only works with the FLASH on my digi!!!) I had my 28-200 yesterday.
Have I said how much I LOVE my digital??? I could never have taken so many images, just trying to get a bad shot of the porpoises that also seem to frequent this beach, if I had been using film! Not to mention having the ability to play with them on the computer to enhance.

I wasn’t looking for the porpoises. Didn’t think that was what I was seeing. Thought it was those dive-bombing pelicans actually, until out of the corner of my eye, I realized that was a TAIL splashing the water. They were all swimming out towards the ocean. Every last one was heading east. They frolicked and headed towards the open sea.

About an hour later, a group started coming back into the bay. Next time, I go with a good lens!
Here they ae returning. There are at least three fins here.
This fella was a bit closer in, and he’s up a bit higher, you can see his back.

All in all a much more enjoyable beach day than crowded on the boardwalk!!! Posted by Picasa


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