Beach Day, Part one

Timmy and I decided to go to the beach yesterday. We went to Fort Story, where the Cape Henry Lighthouse is. What a nice beach! You need to be willing to submit to a car search, and hand over ID as it is a working military base. We quickly discovered that this beach is far different than the Virginia Beach Boardwalk area just a few miles away!

This beach is a wildlife beach! Sure we saw the normal pelicans, and seagulls. But it was noted right away that we needed to choose a place with some degree of care, as the beach was crawling in certain areas with crabs!! And there were crab holes of every size in some spots.
I took off, to photograph the green hairy rocks, while Timmy settled in a not so crabby location between the large rocky breaks that were built every so often. Whom did I discover but this wiley crab, who obviously has had experience running away! He was by far the largest I had seen all day.
Of course, in normal Timmy fashion, as soon as the crab started scuttling sideways away from us, he had to give chase!!! We spent an entertaining 10 minutes watching the crab run into the water, dip one eye down,
watch for us and take off in the other direction. Perfectly camoflaged he is, but he’s about level with Timmy’s hand, just off to the right in this photo.

Finally, we gave up the chase, and he stopped too. Here he is, keeping an eye on Timmy, before we both let him commence with his activities. I lay down on my towel, basking in the sun and the sound of the surf. I looked to my right about ten minutes later, and back he came, out from behind the rocks, watching us intently. I sat up, and off he ran again into the surf.
If only he had known I don’t eat crab!!! Posted by Picasa


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