Flower Bed

Timmy made this bed for me in the front yard in Oct. 2004. The soil in my yard is just not good. Don’t think anything was done to it since the place was built. I hoped that by raising the bed, I would have the chance to improve the soil.
The bed today, May 14, 2006. Yup, that sure worked!!! I have been slowly amending the soil, adding some composted leaves, rich topsoil, etc. The bed is actually retaining some water, and nutrients. Saw my first worm in there a few months back. Now, there are buds on my lavender plant. My Rosemary plants are doing well too. I have added mint, a new spanish lavender, thyme, savory, yarrow, jasmine vine, and some periwinkle. I have also put a weeper hose through the bed, to water more evenly and deeply…. I have high hopes this year that things will all take root and do well!

The view from the stairs, like the first picture.
My Iris’s from a few weeks ago. Posted by Picasa

If you click on photos, you can enlarge.


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