I’ve gone and done it now!!!

Welcome to version 3 of my notes from the refridgerator door…. long ago, (back in the ’80’s sometime), my favored way of communication with the variety of male relatives who wouldn’t clean the house was by ever so slightly sarcastic notes left on the refridgerator door….

Moving into the internet age, I attempted a web-page, but I found it clumsy, or I just wasn’t interested in keeping it up.

Today, with my cool 8 mega-pixel DSLR, I find myself wanting to send EVERYONE photos, but I hate re-sizing and uploading and having to email…. (I am slightly lazy)….

So, here is the ideal concept…a BLOG!!! oh, dear…we’ve gone and gotten cell-phones and digi cameras and now Blogs…we are not so caveman-like as we thought!!!

Well, off to learn how to manipulate the darned thing!
See ya!


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