Photos of the Week, w/e 8/16/14 CY 365

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10. On the Brink
11. Trails
12. Resilient
13. Homegrown
14. A Favorite Food
15. On the Phone

16. From Outside In

10572773_10204983623734265_218794780_n10. On the Brink— just hours after true full…
10615936_10205003472270466_957736245_n11. Trails—- of soap suds on the car to play with…
10602663_10205026773252976_1046634624_n12. Resilient— keeps a licking and keeps on ticking!
10602731_10205007400248663_252501503_n13. Homegrown— Baseball Diamond….As American as apple pie! (terribly punny, I know)
10595889_10205011839159633_1315866778_n14. A Favorite Food— is one shared with a favorite person.
10609149_10205010146597320_1849779205_n15. On the Phone— Applying a liberal dose of Vitamin D, let me take a selfie!
10603569_10205019368347858_3968083120115939845_n16. From Outside In—walking along Sycamore Street….

Photos of the Week, CY365, week ending 8/2/14

This is CY365!   My photography website.    Follow me on Facebook.    On Twitter, I am@rteest42

The prompts that have been crossed out are the ones I feel match my photos this week!

27. The Right Tool
28. Enjoy Yourself

29. My Favorite Color
30. A Blue Background
31. Garden Lovelies

1. My Everyday
2. In the Morning


10568026_10204884249689976_442863248_n27. The Right Tool—is sometimes your fist.  (not my fist. Someone I worked with years ago, but it’s never been patched)
10588801_10204890177318163_1628211877_n28. Enjoy Yourself—Nothing like a vacation day spent with family you don’t see often enough! So, a selfie with my godson!
10565961_10204872775603131_1906074823_n29. My Favorite Color—A perfect example of my favorite color! I love all of them!! This is a quilt I made based on the game Sudoko…

10581298_10204911636254623_1510870120_n2. In the Morning—What more needs to be said?
10585410_10204895167282909_808940702_o—Cat Food. Another in the cat in the kitchen series….

10592230_10204907390188474_1597709930_n Last night we went to see Wish I Was Here (GOOD movie!!!!) But before, they had a preview of Outlander….and I have been waiting for this show for YEARS!!!!!!

10425813_10204872776963165_677504395_n Laylabug  wanted to imitate Lady Liberty…

30. A Blue Background
31. Garden Lovelies

1. My Everyday

This Week in Photos, CY365 Week ending 6/28/14

This week, I was able to make most of the prompts work… Crossed out prompts are those I feel I captured…. I LOVE COMMENTS! Nope, not a subtle hint at all Winking smile 

 This is CY365!   My photography website.    Follow me on Facebook.    On Twitter, I am@rteest42

22. Summer Silhouette
23. Under the Sun
24. Explore

25. Number 15
26. Have a Ball
27. In the Shade

28. Traditional Attire

10487728_10204643491431170_242615168_n22. Summer Silhouette Ok,  really a shadow…As I got out of my car at 9:30 this evening, I was thinking about the fact I still needed to take my daily photo…. I almost stepped on Mr. Camofrog here…

10517175_10204655407729070_194387500_n23. Under the Sun— Peaches and Cream… some daylily and Queen Annes Lace

10474227_10204622401023923_627338794_n24. Explore—Monday.  We went to visit my cousin today, so…I was going to post a baby photo, right,  but Gulliver here decided that wouldn’t do…. My cousin Thom’s cat is a natural model as you see by this montage during an impromptu photo shoot! (So, yes CAT photos for my daily. But a different cat, ok???)

10477504_10204657206934049_1317460742_o26. Have a Ball  Why, yes, please. There is a princess beach ball in the way back of my car….
10510329_10204650402243936_2137577374_n27. In the Shade/shadows  Prompt is in the shadows. I keep things. I am not a hoarder, more a magpie…ooh, look, shiny thing!
In the back corner of my jewelry drawer sit these two shadows of my past….a NYC subway token and a laundry chip! I haven’t done laundry in a laundromat on Staten Island in 12 years, and subway tokens were obsolete long before then!  Memories! And small things, surely saving them won’t harm anything, right? Multiply that times how many bits of my past that are tucked here and there …(I tossed the chip. I’ll always have this photo)

1620293_10204614327382087_962117401_n Haven’t had a selfie in a bit…

drink This is just playing with the iPhone and testing the limits of my photo apps… any idea what it is??



Here he is in all his beardless glory…Love you!!!