December 8, 2013 Christmas Photo A Day



December 7, 2013 Christmas Photo A Day


Come and trim my Christmas tree,
With some decorations bought at Tiffany’s,
I really do believe in you,
Let’s see if you believe in me


20131122-untitled-14THIS WAY to CHRISTMAS PHOTO A DAY! (or, photoS, as the case may be.

20131122-untitled-76Santa at Virginia Beach, contemplating his vacation plans.

untitled-8Waldo has done some traveling this year. Let’s see what kind of trouble he managed to get in after escaping from being packed away with the rest of the Christmas decorations! Enjoying the sun on an early beach day at Point Pleasant, NJ in March 2013.

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December 18, 2012 Christmas Photo a Day

2012-12-12 Dec-7

December 14, 2012 Christmas Photo a Day

2012-12-12 Dec

Dream big.

DECEMBER 4, 2011 Christmas Photo A Day


2010_dec 25-110

Last year, we had SNOW for Christmas, here in central Virginia…. (not a unique experience for many, it was VERY early snow for this area, overshadowed by the great quantities that dumped on the rest of the east coast…)

December 3

2010 dec 3 (1 of 1)

Last year, we were all Swine Flu crazy! I made up these cute little Chinese food boxes full of  ‘Flu Fighters’ and gave them to co-workers, friends and family.

Ingredients, as listed on the tag (with a clip art image of a pig Smile)

  • Blistex
  • Chicken Cup-a-Soup
  • Cough drops
  • Tylenol
  • Emergen-C powder and those drink pouches for water bottles with either Gatorade powder or some other flavor with electrolytes
  • Anti-bacterial hand cleaner in a travel size
  • Tissues with a nice little fabric cover I made
  • and of course, MEDICINAL chocolate *(Hershey Kisses)

Hoping everyone has a HEALTHY Christmas season this year!!!