Ten years on…


There really are no more words, so I will let this stand as is, and repost. My September 11 experience. (It doesn’t get easier to read 14 years later, and the photos aren’t fuzzy yet with the gauze of time. Warm, healing hugs to all who were affected in any way. ) (((hugs <3 ))

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(The following is LONG. It is emotional and it is depressing. Since I started blogging, I have written something about the events of 9-11, and I have linked to a website where a very small part of the following is posted. This year, I have simply consolidated the entire scrapbook and writings that are in it, and created a new gallery on my photo website so all is viewable and archived.)

Wishing you all peace. Hugs to you, Kerin. Jessica. Arlie. Anoki. Love you.

I was a writer who couldn’t write, a photographer who couldn’t record images. A crier who couldn’t cry.  The events of September 11, 2001, had such an effect on me that my normal outlets—tears, hysteria, the stability of an ordered sentence, the capturing of my impressions on film, all proved elusive.

2011sept5-5 My tribute to 9-11-01 quilt. Around the edges are the initials of people I…

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Photo a Day: #CY365 Where the heck have I been post

I have totally lost the thread, folks. Here are the photos—I will let you connect the dots however you see fit. Do know that I am shooting every day, even if I seem to be incapable of getting the blog posted in a timely fashion!! So, the last ten days of August and the first week of September, give or take a shot. Smile

(I will have it all together just in time to change it up for Christmas Photo A Day, alright?? THAT starts in 81 days!!



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CY365—Where I get my daily photo prompts.

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PHOTOS of (2) weeks. CY365 Photo a Day

2. With Water  3. Powerful  4. Where I Stand  5. Happy Feet  6. Soak  7. Taking Flight  8.Reflecting Off Water  9. Red  10. A Spot of Red  11. Hodgepodge  12. Season’s Best 13.Portrait with Red  14. In a Glass  15. In the Sky

**After not remembering to post last week, I then ran into  (the still unresolved)  issue of Windows 10 not playing well with Windows Live Writer. So. Finally, here we are.

11823681_10207924883623924_2142648753_n2. With Water


20150814-IMG_92804. Where I Stand
11224854_10208002542565349_2390000893903509254_n5. Happy Feet
11853957_10207998849833033_542508040_n11. Hodgepodge
11853842_10207994706889462_2050430046_n14. In a Glass
20150812-IMG_922015. In the Sky

And then, the promptless:20150813-IMG_9248 20150814-IMG_9253 11890959_10208009608741999_6115364593685674638_n 11850896_10207983911779591_914709856_n 11874162_10207971499149283_37990333_n 11850870_10207968914924679_529047477_n

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Photo a Day, CY365 W/E 8/1/15

26. On the Road  27. Thrill Seekers  28. One After Another  29. Sprawling  30. Marker 31. Back in the Day 1. Passing Time

11791703_10207906421642386_638286447_n26. On the Road—Sunset, no blue moon on this side of the road. Appomattox River, VA
11770466_10207886441982907_1049911405_o27. Thrill Seekers—Mighty Eagle? Nope.  Just my new orchid, uneaten and not turned over by the cat.
11823886_10207900102884421_1877301554_n28. One After Another—After Laylabug fell asleep, Neko decided naptime was a good idea. But he wasn’t giving up control of the remote.
11790364_10207869561720911_937434581_o29. Sprawling—Actually, we are doing The Hand Jive. Watching Grease.
30. Marker
11815660_10207879116439773_92273481_n  31. Back in the Day, Before Neko, I could own plants. I am taking a risk, but this beauty was on clearance for $8.

11824134_10207900087804044_1061997371_n1. Passing Time—Another morning, another sunrise. It’s AUGUST already!!!

 11801101_10207910891474129_1156580384_o  A gathering of chairs has emerged. (I love drawers and tiny chairs.)



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Photos of the week. CY365 W/E 7/25/15

19. Placement  20. Arranged Neatly  21. Midpoint   22. Natural Beauty  23. Stacked  24. Mirrored  25. On the Right Side

11759397_10207808380271413_398345515_n19. Placement—A cherry on top! Celebrating National Ice Cream Day.
11759614_10207845583441469_347746810_n20. Arranged Neatly—This skeleton is posed differently every time I walk by at work.
11793863_10207845586841554_328371694_o21. Midpoint—that fuzzy black nose, right between her eyes.
11777432_10207845583161462_1626409470_o22. Natural Beauty—Sunrise on the trees.
11777431_10207857378216331_1857462207_o23. Stacked—a little bedtime reading at hand.
11721826_10207849414217236_1864570854_n Unprompted, but this needs to be seen. The poor boy will die of starvation at any moment.
11741857_10207825898789365_1652044017_nMy souvenir from California…

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Photos of the Week, CY365 W/E 7/18/15

I matched a prompt for every day this week!  12. Sky Blue  13. Delicate  14. The Horizon  15. Off Prompt  16. Undercover  17. Tranquil  18. At the Edge

11731325_10207742701549486_1324670920_o12. Sky Blue African Tulip Tree
11754995_10207803442267966_249286645_o13. Delicate display of willpower, whomever left the last TINY slice of carrot cake!
11750035_10207748138605409_1132298144_o14. The Horizon-Welcomed home by rainbows and torrential downpours.
11737132_10207755789916687_2011022288_n15. Off Prompt
11760573_10207780973026249_536226307_o16. Undercover model. (The little girl on the box is the big girl in the photo)
11759681_10207773064028529_93440188_n17. Tranquil. NOT.
11694358_10207765536480345_243782355_n18. At the Edge

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Photos of the week CY365 W/E 7-11-15

PHOTOS crossed out match a prompt. 5. Now and Then  6. Variation  7. Where I Stand  8. In the Past  9. Vintage Style  10. At the End of the Day  11. Zeitgeber

11715338_10207688999886978_1686548224_o5. Now and Then  you need to watch the World Cup upside down

20150710-IMG_81566. Variation Welcome to Comicon

20150706-IMG_79857. Where I Stand  there are no giraffes.


11733404_10207710606467129_1702094236_n TSA agent recognized me as an Outlander fan.

11713391_10207733104629569_1130629599_n10. At the End of the Day  End of watch, end of career. Congrats on your retirement!

11717259_10207717519159942_2145838446_n There ARE days, aren’t there?

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