Photos of the Week, CY365, week ending 8/2/14

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The prompts that have been crossed out are the ones I feel match my photos this week!

27. The Right Tool
28. Enjoy Yourself

29. My Favorite Color
30. A Blue Background
31. Garden Lovelies

1. My Everyday
2. In the Morning


10568026_10204884249689976_442863248_n27. The Right Tool—is sometimes your fist.  (not my fist. Someone I worked with years ago, but it’s never been patched)
10588801_10204890177318163_1628211877_n28. Enjoy Yourself—Nothing like a vacation day spent with family you don’t see often enough! So, a selfie with my godson!
10565961_10204872775603131_1906074823_n29. My Favorite Color—A perfect example of my favorite color! I love all of them!! This is a quilt I made based on the game Sudoko…

10581298_10204911636254623_1510870120_n2. In the Morning—What more needs to be said?
10585410_10204895167282909_808940702_o—Cat Food. Another in the cat in the kitchen series….

10592230_10204907390188474_1597709930_n Last night we went to see Wish I Was Here (GOOD movie!!!!) But before, they had a preview of Outlander….and I have been waiting for this show for YEARS!!!!!!

10425813_10204872776963165_677504395_n Laylabug  wanted to imitate Lady Liberty…

30. A Blue Background
31. Garden Lovelies

1. My Everyday

The Week in Photos, week ending 7/26/14

This is CY365!   My photography website.    Follow me on Facebook.    On Twitter, I am@rteest42

20. Heat Wave
21. Hidden Treasures
22. Luminosity
23. The Number 3
24. In a Jar

25. Chain Link Fence
26. In a Line


10581742_10204852528136957_457546316_o21. Hidden Treasures—leftovers
photo dg 122. Luminosity—at 65 mph
10563442_10204836691661055_1632279663_n23. The Number 3 (I have three good tires)
photo 2fgf24. In a Jar—Every beach we visit, we bring back sand to put on our bathroom shelf.
10555414_10204821645044899_768164777_o25. Chain Link Fence—or cage. Laylabug wanted to feed Tatiana, so got into the cage with a spoon and closed the door behind her!
phontokop26. In a Line—well, a messy line, but I am SEWING in a straight line!

10570622_10204848434914629_1526427566_n  Somebody didn’t want to take a nap on Monday.

Where were YOU….


It seems like I only wrote this yesterday! I drove past my old home the other day, and that playroom has been turned back into a formal entry!

Originally posted on More Notes From the Refrigerator Door:

….Forty years ago, tomorrow??? Do you remember? It’s one of the seminal ones, folks. Forty years ago– July 20, 1969–mankind stood shoulder to shoulder, that summer of love, in front of grainy black and white televisions, witnessing the impossible, the improbable, the unbelievable.

Three American men traveled to the moon. A human stood on the moon’s surface, planted a flag and left footprints.

Pretty heady stuff. Do you remember where you were?

My memory of the lunar landing is 100% wrapped up inside an incredibly real dream that I had as a child of 4 1/2 years of age.

The only television set that we owned was kept in the playroom. The playroom was next to the kitchen; it had it’s own formal front door entrance from our front porch. Like all the other rooms in that house on Ellicott Place, the playroom had many incarnations during my life. At…

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