Photos of the Week, CY365 Week ending 1/24/15

Sometimes, I think the implied meaning of the prompt and what the prompt turns out to be are very different things…

18. Balance
19. Space
20. Trio
21. Meal or Play?
22. Color Blocking
23. On the Third
24. Who And What

10931236_10206359837978761_5232402099128372093_n18. Balance—I think that Glinda has been turned into Rapunzel and she is in a tower…
10386746_10206367957381741_2491795535838755247_n19. Space—It was a glorious day!
10940550_10206371290745073_3247898917582663093_n20. Trio—Totally uninspired today and had a headache at work. So as I sat on the couch watching television, thinking about what I was going to do for my photo, I was scrolling through these work photos I took today. Very often, when I have a difficult piece at work, I will take photographs for reference or for proof. This specific time was for proof for a customer who disagreed that her art was in the condition that it was.
10922682_10206374555026678_3518945298179103622_n21. Meal or Play? —I am in my studio, packing for a 2 day quilt retreat. I have an untold number of UFOs, (and embarrassment of riches as far as needles go.) So why am I trying to figure out what new project to do while at retreat? Oh, PLAY! Although, I do joke that retreat is really an excuse to get together and make lots of tasty meals for each other, interrupted by long stretches of sewing…
10420291_10206383871419582_724429530496591168_n22. Color Blocking
10933912_10206391391087569_1997478843391646374_n23. On the Third—(I braked far from the car in front of me when the light turned red and turned on phone while waiting for the light to turn green; I snapped photo and put phone down before driving ) I feel like this needs to have “Don’t try this at home” scrolled over it!!
20150124-IMG_283924. Who And What—What I have always thought of as an environmental portrait, this tells a story of some quilters on retreat…

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Prompts are from CY365!

Photos of the Week, #CY365 W/E 1/17/15

Prompts— I got them all, but not on the corresponding day…11. White  12. Frost  13. A Pop of Color  14. Be Positive  15. First Taste  16. A Snowflake  17. Powdery

10934014_10206306734611210_247113773561162329_n11. White
20150114-IMG_276912. Frost    If I were looking for how many prompts I could fit into one photo, this would win for Spot of color, Be Positive (spring WILL come,) First Taste (of winter weather) and Frost. But I don’t play the game that way!
10931011_10206315221863386_1153466665847182332_n13. A Pop of Color
20150115-IMG_278414. Be Positive (snow will melt, spring will come)
1507192_10206341280594838_2503174480205454676_n15. First Taste
20150112-IMG_273516. A Snowflake
10410777_10206351934501179_2777226473061217508_n17. Powdery

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Prompts are from CY365!

Photos of the Week, #CY365 Week ending 1/10/15

This weeks Prompts.

4. A Reflection Of Me    5. Ensemble   6. Where I Stand    7. Solitude   8. My Gear    9. Multifaceted     10.Habit
 10407306_10206214256299310_2153141898534053354_n 4. A Reflection Of Me—and Laylabug, and my cow creamers, in the window over the sink….

 10888817_10206225372577210_8503872223050706197_n5. Ensemble—Monday morning and the gang’s all here!
10891919_10206251396027780_2384117154013179324_n6. Where I Stand—Ah, work.

 10923611_10206276442773933_1000314686359282531_n7. Solitude—Pushing the interpretation a bit, but quilting is a solitary endeavor most of the time…(don’t tell Neko that)

1012959_10206281998872832_2550184100602400375_n8. My Gear  –Once I was able to get the cat OFF of the fabric for a bit. My FIRST finish of the year!!!

10906288_10206287887220037_2657385157945527057_n9. Multifaceted—Tough prompt. I had a bunch of ideas. I had my phone with me while putting my makeup on. (And, NO, you may NOT see the SOC versions of these images, thank you very much!) I took 4 photos, put them in a collage via the app FOTOR, edited the bunch together, and then used the app PicsArt and the editing option Pop Art. I saved the first version, which took the four-square collage and multiplied it, and then ran THAT copy through the pop art edit again to get the 16 squares.

10922426_10206298295600240_6146148462814219939_n10. Habit  My daughter and I have a habit of HGTV and nails. I am a bit obsessive about glitter at the moment because it doesn’t chip. I have a bad habit of noticing any tiny imperfection in my unpainted nail, and then fussing with it until I ruin them. So, nail polish is a must. But I work with my hands, so chipping is bad!

This entire week was taken on the iPhone. It is with me, it is convenient and it’s camera is pretty good. But, straight out of the camera (SOC), most of these images would have been less than stellar, some might not even approached so-so. Except for the magic of apps. If you have a smart phone, you can get apps to do almost anything. There are some that cost $$, some that are free. I don’t think I have ever spent more than $2 on something—unless it was upgrading from a free to paid app, after it had proven itself worthwhile.

(Everything I state past this point is for APPLE products– iTunes, iPhone, iPad. I know NOTHING about any other operating systems, except that generally there is an option that will be close in Android)

The iPhone comes with a pretty decent camera. The latest upgrade on the camera itself provides you the ability to really modify and play with your photos. Before you post a photo to social media, you should at least play with the camera edit options that are available to you; you will be pleasantly surprised. One of the joys of Instagram is the power of the app. Rarely is something posted without some post-processing

Astonishing things can be done. If you look at my photos of the day, 2014, anything with CY365 in the upper left corner and ©Trish Casey-Green at the bottom was probably my phone. If I created a meme from the photo, chances are I took the photo and did all the editing on my iPhone. (Occasionally, I may have emailed myself a photo from my Canon and played on phone—like with the full moon. You just can’t take a good moon shot with a phone.) For the most part, I couldn’t tell you which app I used; they are somewhat like potato chips, you can’t buy just one…But, you can delete them from your phone easier than getting rid of potato chip weight.

A really good photo editing app to start with, because it is intuitive and it is free, and does most of the things you should want to do, is Snapseed.

There are any number of font apps; there are some that edit and do words as an extra trick, but I not really a fan. My go-to app for writing on my photos is PHONTO. (free or $1.99, I don’t recall) And, I use it in a pretty straight-forward fashion; I believe it is stronger than I know.

Why am I telling you this? I have a dSLR camera, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom; and I use my phone for a LOT of my photography! I will be going out to the Grand Canyon next month. Most definitely, my camera gear will be at least as important as my clothing choices. However, expect to see some iPhone selfies along the way!

The camera IS an IMPORTANT part of a good photo…. but the EYE of the PHOTOGRAPHER is far more important…pre and post processing…
(I LOVE comments, people, comments!Rolling on the floor laughing!Winking smile! CONNECT with me this year!!!)

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Prompts are from CY365!

The Week in Photos, W/E 1/3/14

(Which will, by default include the incidental photos I took in December, when I was actually doing Christmas Photo a Day instead…)

HAPPY 2015! How is that for a short week? I hit every prompt!

1. Good Morning 2015!
2. Think over
3. Open Possibilities

10906205_10206162964177039_9196748416834322401_n1. Good Morning 2015! *(in point of fact, good afternoon) Snuck out to take out the trash at work; sunny (and WINDY) 50 degrees!











10888906_10206175915820822_483494070857210380_n2. Think over. What was I THINKING? Can we leave the blender on the counter, he says? …. I gave the mouse a cookie…. One more counter to be waxed and then I can put the kitchen back together — with the blender in its new home…







10891889_10206196030003664_4659448822208203972_n3. Open Possibilities










And, a selection of December BONUS Christmas a Day shots…. You may have seen these already, if you follow my Facebook page!

1461633_10206075586752658_4492134862187542266_nGood Cat.

1395409_10206022847754216_6478070983643981285_nWaldo got a new sweater, and a new ride.


THIS is as close as we got to the BEST Tacky Light House in the United States.










10881612_10206051346906677_8403595336738535126_nWhat Tatiana thinks about gift exchanges.










I am not sure exactly what Santa would be asking President Lincoln for, however, there it is…










10888973_10206143433768791_7401914726090690553_n (1)10884768_10206163017258366_1222432574_n10877463_10206163000097937_436323679_n10893419_10206162978417395_1552403253_nThe LAST of 2014 …

January 4th is a day we think of  my mother-in-law, who would have been 81 today, and my dad, who died on this day 4 years ago. Thinking of them both…

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2015…word of the year.

is… CONNECT.IMG_6108

Happy 2015!  As per usual, I fought the word. “What?” I thought, when, about a week ago, while not really even thinking about the word of the year, “Connect” jumped up and waved its arms in the air. “Look at ME!”

Connect, I thought. Huh. What in the name of anything can I do with YOU? And so, stubborn wench that I am, I ignored it, and listened out for a sensible word. Right. That never happens. Remember ENOUGH or CHOOSE or INSIGHT or WEATHER  or MOTION or BALANCE or DELIBERATE or INCLUSIVE? (I look at this list and think maybe my inner Buddhist is coming out)

So, I randomly thought of other words (NEVER works, by the way. Never.) I tried,while going about my week, to figure out what CONNECT could have to to with my art, my quilting, because that is where the concept of doing a word started for me.  And, yet.

This morning–today, January 1, 2015, I looked up the definition of the word connect while getting ready to write this blog post.

1794641_10203652074326362_1275265419_n-001Well, DUH. Connect. To Join, link, or fasten together. To unite or bind.

Right there, the first definition, is about quilting!!!!! What more does one do in quilting, at the most elemental level, than attach two pieces of fabric together? And what is the last step, but to bind the quilt? (We shall not talk, today, about all the intermediate steps, of reverse engineering, running out of material, mis-measuring…) Let’s keep it classy, ok?  But will this have anything to do with the bigger picture, outside the studio walls…?

Connect verb (used with object) join, link, or fasten together; unite or bind:   2. to establish communication between; put in communication: 3. to have as an accompanying or associated feature: cause to be associated, as in a personal or business relationship: to connect oneself with a group of like-minded persons; associate mentally or emotionally



I shall connect with my fabric, indeed! As soon as I finish writing this post, as a matter of fact, I have to scramble to finish a project.

But on the larger scale, connecting, connection; it’s the thing we all want more than anything, isn’t it? Isn’t it why we hug, or hold hands? Why we walk side by side, why the cat climbs on you the moment you have created a lap?

So, this year, the “connect” I want to work on is the one on one, personal connecting… Comment on this post, start a connection with me. I want to know better the people I know…Connect in real life and in this new small world of the smart phone, the internet, where all my friendships can be at my fingertips…

I think making the threads that connect us stronger is a wonderful goal.

HAPPY New Year!!!

This quilt is called Emails from China, designed and worked on while my daughter was in China in 2009. We stayed connected during that time via emails that came while I slept, and were answered while she slept…

December 26, 2014 Christmas Photo A Day


Let’s wrap it up, OK?


20141219-IMG_2166 I hope Santa was good to you!

Caught a glimpse of Santa on the way back to the North Pole…


20141211-IMG_1834  Yesterday was a holiday, but today, it’s back to work! (Toys don’t make themselves, you know!)

So long, farewell…

See you in 340 days– December 1, 2015. Mark it on your calendar!

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Happy everything, and a wonderful, joy-filled and successful year to you. May your sorrows be small, and your happiness be huge….


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Christmas Photo A Day, December 25, 2014


THIS is what Christmas is about. Tight squeezes! Make sure you hug someone today!

#TBT, Arlie and Poppy Gus, 1986


Merry Christmas!!