untitled-1-2untitled-1-3 You can’t rewrite history, but you can learn to live with it….make it fit into all the corners and crevices of your new reality….

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…I have nothing new to say. These are some previous years blogs, linked here from past 9-11 dates; they will tell you how I feel.


My heart hurts for those who suffered and still suffer today. And a year out from Benghazi and with Syria on our lips, I really just—Imagine…

As always, love you, Pokey, Arlie, Jess and Kerin…

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September 10th—A busy day.


untitled-1It’s always interesting to read your thoughts, a year later. All of those OMG, I can’t DEAL with it anymore moments that make up your day to day…. Complaints about this cashier or that rude waitress, or that car that cut you off, the nerve of the service tech getting to your house an hour late… and yet.

A year from now, will you care? Taking the long view, is it really that important? Of course not! So, today, Laylabug is THREE, and a delightful chatterbox, my new phone isn’t new, and Caitriona Balfe was announced a year ago tomorrow as lead for the TV show, and Outlander has surpassed my hopes!

And forever, today reminds me of tomorrow, and of the things that really DO matter…. HUG someone today, because in a New York Minute, everything can change.

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Looking forward to September 10th.

September 10th is Laylabug’s 2nd birthday. Having her in our lives has been the most wonderful thing!

Seeing her grow so fast (so FAST!) learning to speak, and seeing her personality develop has been just beyond enjoyable….the difference between parenting (when you are so exhausted all the time) and grand parenting is a truth!


But, this year, Sept 10 is also the date that Outlander is rumored to start filming in Scotland.  Well, that’s great and all, you say, but what has it got to do with anything?

Well, it’s like this. I’ve been a fan of this book series for about nine years. (A relative late-comer, the books started being published 20 years ago) Back in the beginning of the year, it was announced it was finally going to be turned into a  TV series on Starz, with Ron Moore at the helm.

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Episode 1.4 – The Gathering


There are an ENDLESS number of review blogs about every last detail of Outlander, and I have really enjoyed a lot of them. Some are irreverent and humorous efforts at review, some are just solid reviews, some are trying to prove that THEY are the ultimate fan because of X… But this is the first week I have run across this particular blog review. And I KNOW I will be reading it weekly. Spot on and thoughtful!

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images-9****Caution****Spoilers Ahead****Please Read With Caution

Before I actually chat about the episode, I’d like to address one little thing that has been niggling at me since Sunday.  There was a very recent article written by a nice enough young man, who commented – or complained, depending on how you look at it – that Outlander was moving at a much slower pace than he would like.  He also commented on the lack of sex in the show.  I’d like to speak to that for just a moment.  As another Twitter using fan said, such an attitude speaks to the instant gratification of our modern culture.  We want it all and we want it right now.  I can understand the want for some sexy action – believe me, I am really looking forward to it – but not before it’s time.

Outlander was written 20 years ago, by a smart and…

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