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Photos of the week– CY365 Week ending 4/5/14

30. Tight
31. In The Garden

1. Focused
2. Framed

3. Where You Work
4. Look Up
5. Imperfect


tati30. Tight—Tatiana has come out of her self-imposed seclusion this week! She now is joining me at the computer, leaping into my lap, but sometimes not even waiting for me to completely sit down first! (ouch!)
photo31. In The Garden  AFTER she introduced herself to the goats,(—> Laylabug and goats <—)  she decided to start working at Boulevard Flowers, and picked up the watering cans…

neko tiummy1. Focused—on comfort.
arlie2. Framed —love the shapes. Neko is framed in the triangle of Arlie’s leg, Arlie is framed in her doorway.
3653. Where You Work—a small sampling of one day of UPS shipments.
10150538_10204014597789222_1440365631_n4. Look Up—I drive up this road every day. And every day during spring, I say, if only the light was coming just a little lower (I was driving by a little earlier or later, or if it were sunny…) Finally, it all lined up.
10001439_10204001117972235_145274448_n5. Imperfect…Carnival at the mall was rained out for the first three days they were there!


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CY365 Week ending 11-30-13

You know what this means, right? Tomorrow is DECEMBER!!!!

This is CY365—a photo prompt for every day of the year.   My photography website. My FLICKR photo page. Follow me on Facebook.  On Twitter, I am@rteest42

CHRISTMAS PHOTO A DAY starts on December 1st!

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24. Contentment
25. Relationships
26. The Journey
27. Home Made
28. My Life
29. Legacy
30. Sincerity

2013-NOV 11-25-2013 8-32-10 AM24. Contentment They are Such good playmates.
IMG_716125. Relationships Distance means nothing today, with technology. Emily joined the family before Thanksgiving dinner prayer via Skype.
2013-NOV 11-25-2013 11-27-52 AM26. The Journey—Art is MESSY, enjoy the journey!
2013-NOV 11-28-2013 10-09-43 AM27. Home Made-My stuffing is a Smile with tongue out‘demand’ Rolling on the floor laughingrequest every Thanksgiving day.2013-NOV 11-29-2013 6-57-05 AMAt work they are no better,Winking smile demanding Smile with tongue out requesting Breakfast Casserole for Black Friday Morning.
2013-NOV 11-25-2013 3-20-41 PM28. My Life—for the next month is playing on of Santa’s elves.

2013-NOV 11-29-2013 6-34-01 AMBaby It’s COLD outside…

CY365 Week ending 8/31 Photo a day…

Yup, heavy on the babies and kittens routine again. (work with what we have, no?)

25. Extraordinary In The Ordinary
26. Go Green
27. With Seeds

28. Rust
29. Fashion Statement
30. Bump
31. Bright Background

IMG_468025. Extraordinary In The Ordinary—  The everyday burger, dressed up. (could also work with 26)
20130826-20130826-IMG_533126. Go Green —Chesterfield County Fair (also could be 27)
20130826-20130826-IMG_530127. With Seeds —Tasty, juicy strawberry!
IMG_478129. Fashion Statement– Rather Pisces and water like colors this week. (Could also work with 26)
IMG_472531. Bright Background —Yeah, pushing it as to theme. But Neko is pushing Tatiana’s buttons by finally figuring out how to get onto HER SPOT. (Aka, the ironing board)

Bonus Video footage of the encounter!

IMG_4739Neko is learning how to operate a sewing machine.

20130826-20130826-IMG_5332Someone asked HOW can she look so innocent AND so guilty all at once??

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