Photos of the Week. CY365 W/E 6/13/15

Not greatly inspired this week.  (But,Here is a link to our trip last week to First Landing State Park. There were some lovely locations to shoot there.)

7. In My Hands
8. Open To Receive
9. Where I Stand

10. Selected
11. A Favorite Color
12. Take Control
13. Tiny Hands

11349869_10207478378861584_1866170721_n8. Open To Receive Or NOT.  “You had ONE job.”
11429636_10207436779181618_1923491741_n9. Where I Stand, or sunbathe.
11350062_10207515809637330_252628271_n11. A Favorite Color (Black and White!)
11414564_10207515809117317_266334307_n13. Tiny Hands


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Photos of the week– CY365 Week ending 4/5/14

30. Tight
31. In The Garden

1. Focused
2. Framed

3. Where You Work
4. Look Up
5. Imperfect


tati30. Tight—Tatiana has come out of her self-imposed seclusion this week! She now is joining me at the computer, leaping into my lap, but sometimes not even waiting for me to completely sit down first! (ouch!)
photo31. In The Garden  AFTER she introduced herself to the goats,(—> Laylabug and goats <—)  she decided to start working at Boulevard Flowers, and picked up the watering cans…

neko tiummy1. Focused—on comfort.
arlie2. Framed —love the shapes. Neko is framed in the triangle of Arlie’s leg, Arlie is framed in her doorway.
3653. Where You Work—a small sampling of one day of UPS shipments.
10150538_10204014597789222_1440365631_n4. Look Up—I drive up this road every day. And every day during spring, I say, if only the light was coming just a little lower (I was driving by a little earlier or later, or if it were sunny…) Finally, it all lined up.
10001439_10204001117972235_145274448_n5. Imperfect…Carnival at the mall was rained out for the first three days they were there!


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High Key

As often happens when shooting for a photo challenge, I end up all over the place before the idea and image gel into a usable and satisfactory entry.

We were just beginning our vacation, and I took a shot of my daughter for fun. Then, a few days later the newest challenge was announced at Dgrin, where I try to enter the bi-weekly challenge.

The photo I took was in my mind a perfect example of high key,but it was taken out of the date range, so I kept it in mind for the next posing opportunity.

Not one to put all my eggs in one basket, however, as I wondered through Quebec City, I kept HIGH KEY in mind. *(hmm, here is how my brain works– Eggs in a basket could be a really cool high key image too!

And when we got to Acadia, I was able to almost recreate the shot.

Then, we came home, and I had the chance to do Layla’s 9 month photos, and all other options went out the window the moment she started to clap hands.

Here is the original, out of date idea.

2012-June VACATION-47

The re-shoot.

2012-June VACATION-382012-June VACATION-34

The other options as I played tourist.

2012-June VACATION-2052012-June VACATION-2022012-June VACATION-1892012 June Vacation-362012-June VACATION-2112012-June VACATION-2032012-June VACATION-163Some I didn’t do much editing to, once I realized they were out of the running!

And the photo I ended up using. Smile


I Don’t Do Windows.

Not clean them, I mean. Windows and doors as a photographic pursuit? Something of an obsession, I must admit.

Having neglected this blog for FAR TOO LONG, I shall try to rectify this oversight, starting now.

The current challenge at for photography is Window Views.

Oh, such a dangerous challenge. If this was a film based challenge, I’d be shaking the pennies out of my piggy bank by now.

Thankfully, all I am doing is sacrificing a bit of too hot, too humid afternoon in the A/C’ed studio, fussing in Lightroom.



2012-05 MAY26-17

2012-05 MAY26-25

2012-05 MAY26-26

2012-05 MAY26-27

2012-05 MAY26-30

2012-05 MAY26-36

2012-05 MAY26-46

2012-05 MAY26-48

2012-05 MAY26-51

2012-05 MAY26-52

2012-05 MAY26-53

All in Old Towne Petersburg, VA, May 26, 2012. All available for purchase at The View From the Passenger Window.

2012 Photo Challenges

January 1, 2012. Color!!!  Yummy looking thimbles at Quilting Adventures today, where I went to spend a Christmas giftcard!! (thanks Beth...) I got myself a lot of pretty pretties, too!January 1, 2012. Color!!! Yummy looking thimbles at Quilting Adventures today, where I went to spend a Christmas giftcard!! (thanks Beth…) I got myself a lot of pretty pretties, too!

December 31, 2011. It’s a wrap.

One year ago tomorrow, I made the decision to record a year in photos. One photo, taken each day, and hopefully uploaded to this page in a timely manner.

I kept my end of the bargain, in that I took a photo each day. Some are most definitely NOT works of art. Some have not managed to make it onto the proper website in a timely manner.

And one? It was erased when I gave my old phone to my husband and forgot to upload it before he wiped it and turned it into his phone. (Don’t worry, that one was most certainly not a work of art!)


Thanks though, for following me throughout the year, via my facebook page or my photo website

2012 will not have a photo a day, but I am thinking of looking at some of the monthly challenges/31 day challenges…

I hope the new year is fabulous for you!

Happy New Year!

Quick, help me decide!!!

I have to choose one of these photos by Monday at 10 pm for a challenge, and I like them all!!!

Pick your favorite, comment and give me a REASON!! Help me decide!!!

2011 Jan 16-90Chocolate Kisses


2011-Jan 23-10Food of the Gods


2011-Jan 23-25Breakfast of Champions

2011-Jan 23-34Hot Stuff!